The BFA Standards

The BFA is Your Trusted Partner

Our core aim is to promote high quality ethical business format franchising in accordance with the European Code of Ethics. We collaborate with government, academia, the media, other trade associations and the UK public on what constitutes franchising best practice. Our members then commit to upholding those standards.

The Accreditation Process

All members must go through the BFA’s accreditation process in order to meet our standards, ensure they are ethical and fall in line with the Code of Ethics for Franchising. We have a range of different membership levels according to what stage a business is at on their franchising journey.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes can happen in the best-run businesses. The important thing is to stay on good terms with the other party in your ongoing partnership. Ideally, you should work out an amicable resolution without third-party intervention. If this can’t be achieved, then you should consider alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Choosing mediation or arbitration is less expensive and stressful than taking legal action – and gives you a better chance of saving your relationship. Options are:

Informal Conciliation

A free BFA service for members guiding both franchisees and franchisors.


A relatively cheap, quick and confidential process with an independent third-party mediator. Parties aren’t forced to settle their dispute during the process.


An independent third party will listen to both sides and then make a decision which is final and enforceable.

Our International Partners

The BFA is proud to be the only UK franchise association to work with the European Franchise Federation and the World Franchise Council, two prestigious international bodies.

Code of Ethics

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