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Set up over 40 years ago, the British Franchise Association (bfa) is the original and largest not-for-profit trade association for franchising in the UK. We are proud to be the only association to work in partnership with the European Franchise Federation (EFF) and World Franchise Council (WFC), influencing standards and legislation across Europe.

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the passion and dedication we see within our membership is something we cherish. we are committed to upholding the standards of franchising throughout the uk. we pride ourselves in supporting our members every step of the way to develop ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses to be proud of.

Franchisor Power Hour

Franchisor Power Hour is an hour to work collaboratively with others in the industry. The floor is yours to discuss challenges you might be coming up against and share best practice with your peers to help strengthen the industry. Although it is franchisor based, the affiliates and suppliers are there to offer their advice and guidance to the franchisor. Throughout the last few months we have discussed topics Including; the benefits of multi-unit franchising, funding options, how to improve exhibitions and how to get the best out of franchisees.

The big topic discussed more times than not is franchisee recruitment, how certain sectors are fairing against others, as well as tips on how best to attract franchisees right now. While it is a challenging time it is great to hear the success stories from some franchisors and see them giving advice to others.

So why join the Power Hour?

Whether you are an established brand or new to the industry, Power Hour is a valuable hour in your week, to learn or share with the franchising community. It gives a great opportunity to network with others in the industry you might not normally see. We are stronger together, and the Power Hour is all about collective sharing and learning to improve the franchising industry.

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