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Franchise Agreement – The contract that details your legal relationship of obligations between franchisor and franchisee

MSF/Royalty – Management Service Fee, the fee you pay, typically monthly to operate in that network. This will also be a fixed fee in some franchise models.

Marketing Levy – Most franchisors will include in their percentage fees a percentage which goes toward consumer marketing, this may be used as part of a national fund or local find dependant on the franchise.

Start-up Cost – This is the initial franchisee fee to be paid to the franchisor to become a franchisee, different franchisors include different things within this so do check what is included.

Average Total Initial Investment – All costs which you will need to cover to start-up your franchise (except the franchise fee) related to real estate, professional services, equipment, training etc. but not including working capital.

Disclosure – This is where the franchisor should be transparent about the performance and franchise package, this is voluntary in the UK which is why we encourage asking questions.

Exclusive Franchise Territory – The specific area of operation outlined to a franchisee and sometimes gives them the sole right to operate within that exclusive franchise territory.

Franchise Resale – The sale of a franchised area by the franchisee, usually more expensive than purchasing a new area as business tend to be established.

Renewal – This is the right to renew or extend your franchising contract to continue trading for a further term.

Termination – Legal previsions by which either the franchisee or franchisor can terminate the contract due to a breach of contract.

Working Capital – The amount of liquid assets you are required to have and maintain to operate the franchise.

Term – This is the number of years a franchise is granted through the Franchise Agreement with the franchisor.

Trademark – All franchisors should have a registered trademark for their brand as this protects their right to use it.

Initial Training – This is the induction and training you should do with the franchisor before trading on your own, it will provide you all the information you need to operate the franchise correctly.

Ongoing Support – This is the process by which your franchisor will work in partnership to ensure you are operating effectively and assisting if you have challenges.

Q: What is franchising?

A: That is a great question! Please feel free to go to our What is Franchising pages to find out more.

Q: Where can I find out more about the standards in franchising set by BFA?

A: You can find out more about our franchising standards here.

Q: How do I make a complaint against my franchisor?

A: If you have concerns about your franchisor and they are a member of the BFA, please read through the services we can offer to help you through it within our Dispute Resolution downloads on our Standards page here.

Q: As a consumer I have a complaint about a franchise, who do I contact?

A: Please contact the franchisor company, they usually have customer service details on their websites.

Q: Where can I find your Code of Ethics?

A: The BFA’s Code of Ethics can be found here.

Q: Who can help me on my franchise journey?

A: As the BFA we have to remain unbiased, but you can see all or our members in our Directory here and check out the benefits of buying a franchise from a BFA Member here.

Q: How do I become a BFA member?

A: Information about our different types of membership and how to apply can be found here

Q: How do I become a franchisee member?

A: If your franchisor is a BFA member then one of their benefits is that you as a franchisee can become a member too, find out more here

Q: When is the right time for me to become a member?

A: It depends where you are in your franchising journey, but we can help you through, find out more about membership here

Q: Where can I send my franchising news stories?

A: We have a press team and PR manager who are happy to receive any news stories and support with writing and distribution please contact

Q: How can I get my stories published on the BFA website?

A: If you are a member, send any stories that you think may be of interest to BFA to the press inbox:

Q; If I’m not member can I submit a press article?

A: Unfortunately, not, one of the benefits of being a BFA member is to showcase your brand on our website.

Q: How do I exhibit at The British & International Franchise exhibition?

A: The next franchise exhibition details can be found here, if you are interested in exhibiting please contact or call 020 8394 5207

Q: How do I exhibit at a BFA event?

A: Some of our flagship events have the opportunity to our members to exhibit, check out each event within the Academy here, or drop us a line at

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A: All details can be found within our terms of use, please click here

Q: Do I need a ticket?

A: If you wish to attend one of our events then yes you do need a ticket in advance, all events can be found in the BFA Academy here

Q: How do I become a speaker?

A: Please contact a member of the team at

Q: Are your events face to face or virtual?

A: Our events cover both, depending on what it is, please have a look at our events within the BFA Academy to find one to suit you whether it be face to face or virtual.

Q: Are your events for members only?

A: No not all of them, we have some events for those who are new to franchising and want to find out more, go to our BFA Academy to explore the options.

Q: When is the closing date for the awards submissions?

A: All entries must be submitted online, or emailed to awards@thebfa,org on or before 5pm GMT on Wednesday 12th June 2024.

Q: Can I enter more than one Awards category?

A: Yes, you can, but you can only enter categories which you are eligible for and meet the criteria, these can be found above in the Entry Guide.

Q: If I enter more than one category, do I need to supply more than one statement or additional evidence to support my entry?

A: Yes, your entry documentation should be tailored towards the category you are entering.

Q: When are the awards winners announced?

A: The Awards take place on the Thursday 7th November 2024 when all winners will be announced and celebrated. This year the Awards event will be at the Telford International Centre– details can be found here.

Q: Where can I buy my tickets for the BFA HSBC UK British Franchise Awards night?

A: Tickets are available here.

Q: What happens if I enter and then cannot attend the filming?

A: Speak to a member of the BFA team who will be able to support you with an alternative solution, feel free to call us 01235 820470 or email

Q: What happens if I enter and then cannot attend the judging dates?

A: Speak to a member of the BFA team who will be able to support you with an alternative solution, feel free to call us 01235 820470 or email

Q: Can I enter the Awards if I’m not going to be available to attend the BFA HSBC UK British Franchise Awards evening?

A: Yes, whilst we would like everybody who enters the Awards to attend the Awards presentation evening, we appreciate that not everyone will be able to.

Q: Can I enter if I am not a BFA member?

A: The only Awards open to non-members are the HSBC UK Best in Class Awards categories. You must meet the criteria to enter.

Q: How quickly will I get a response from submitting my entry?

A: We will let you know once your entry is received and confirm that everything is included, if not, we will allow time for any missing items to be added to the entry before the initial judging phase takes place.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the BFA team on, or by calling 01235 820470.

Good luck!

Q: What qualifications does the BFA offer?

A: The BFA’s Certified Training programmes offer modular courses designed to validate learners’ knowledge and experience. These programmes introduce new skills through expert instruction and facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Upon completion of the programme, participants receive certificates and can display relevant letters after their name, showcasing their expertise and accomplishments.

The two courses currently sitting under BFA qualifications are the Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) programme, and the Qualified Franchise Coach (QFC) programme.

Q: How much is the registration fee?

A: The registration fee is £100.00 + VAT and it is non-refundable. If you have already registered with the BFA Academy within the past three years, you will not be required to register and pay the registration fee again.

Q: Do I need to earn CPD (Continuous Personal Development) Points to qualify?

A: The QFC has a different CDP system to the QFP Programme. However, you will achieve 600 CPD Points once you qualify as QFC which can be used towards your QFP qualification.

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You can read all of our certification FAQ’s by clicking here.

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