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Our team is passionate about franchising and we are here to help you, your brand, and teams connect, learn and develop in the franchise industry.

Developing your business through franchising can provide better and faster results than organic growth, but it is not an overnight process. It is vital to plan the process properly, get the right professional advice and have the necessary support and finance in place to see it through If done properly this could be one of the most successful strategic decisions that a business makes. The seminar will help you understand whether franchising is right for your business and understand the necessary skills and business culture required to be a successful franchise operation.

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During this one day seminar you will:

  • Hear from the bfa on the important considerations and structure relating to franchising

  • Understand some of the financial considerations of which you will need to be aware

  • Hear from the bank about raising finance

  • Be taken through a franchisor’s first-hand experiences

  • Be given an introduction to the franchise agreement

Who should attend?

If you are unsure about whether franchising is right for your business or if you are looking to expand, develop or grow and have considered franchising as a method of doing so, this seminar will provide the clarification that you need.

Seminar content

The seminar consists of a series of balanced presentations delivered by speakers with practical experience of franchising.

  • What is franchising?

  • What can be franchised?

  • The franchising process

  • The franchise agreement – legal considerations

  • Raising finance

  • A franchisor’s viewpoint

  • Is franchising right for your business?

About the speakers

The speakers for the seminar have a broad knowledge of the UK franchise sector, having worked with established UK franchised businesses for a number of years. With specialists from the bfa, together with a franchise consultant and a banker, the contributors are well placed to answer any franchising query. In addition, guest speakers from UK franchise businesses and established franchisees will illustrate both sides of the franchise relationship.

What’s included in the delegate price?

  • Full day seminar with presentations from key industry speakers providing you with the opportunity to evaluate franchising and whether it is right for your business

  • Free copies of all the leading franchise magazines including: Business Franchise, What Franchise and Franchise World

  • Free copy of The Franchising Bible

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