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Why Leadership’s ‘WHY’ is to inspire the leaders of today, so that they can inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Their Performance Coaching and Leadership Development services have been tailored to meet the demanding needs of the franchise world. This includes being able to use their deep understanding of the unique relationship that exists between franchisors and franchisees and, more importantly, how to create coaching content which is aligned to the needs of both parties, creating a profitable partnership.

Why Leadership’s coaching, mentoring and consultancy services are bespoke and totally confidential, so whether you are looking for one-to-one coaching or group coaching for your franchise network, they can help. Why Leadership’s coach Graeme McKinnon is also a highly experienced business leader, former franchisor and current franchise owner, combining real-life experience with the latest coaching tools and methodologies available.

Franchise Services

With over 16 years’ franchising experience, gained at board level within three well-known franchise businesses, Why Leadership’s CEO and founder Graeme McKinnon is well placed to provide franchisors and franchisees with a range of bespoke franchise consultancy services.

Whether you are considering entering the franchise sector for the first time or you are an experienced franchisor or franchisee looking to grow to the next level, Why Leadership can help. This includes providing advice on everything from concept through to implementation, as well as providing independent advice in relation to recruitment, business planning, funding and the legal support that would be required to help you make informed decisions.

The top 6 reasons why franchisors and franchisees have engaged the services of Why Leadership:

  1. Bespoke consultancy services are developed by an experienced leader who has also been both a franchisor and franchisee
  2. Everything we do is geared towards accelerating growth. Whether it’s strategic planning, mentoring the CEO or senior leadership team or coaching key roles, our experience at the coal face pays dividends
  3. It’s not just about creating a coaching culture throughout the entire franchise network, it’s about how coaching with compassion brings unrivalled results
  4. Mindset mastery programmes develop a growth mindset for both franchisors and franchisees, with franchisees engaging in regular growth clubs as a result
  5. Non-exec director support and board-level development services, help boards to be more effective for the benefit of the entire franchise brand’s stakeholders
  6. Franchise teams become confident in their options for exiting the business with our extensive experience in private-equity backed and franchisee-led management buyouts.

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