Membership History

Full Member
Joined 2002

Membership History

Full Member
Joined 2002

Company Overview

With over 700 FASTSIGNS® centre, operating in 10 countries, including 23 centres in the UK, our business-to-business management opportunity is at the forefront of signage and printing technology. 

With no sector experience required, you will soon be managing your own signage business. 

Franchise Overview

Our signage solutions provide businesses with high-quality, high-impact visual resources, including digital signage, banners, building signs, vehicle graphics; windows, walls, doors and floors graphics and so much more. By investing in your own FASTSIGNS franchise, you’ll be joining a business with a proven franchise model and over 33 years of industry experience. 

FASTSIGNS offers more than just a sign-creation service. You will be involved in providing practical solutions and become a consultant to customers, who are looking to develop their signage and graphics when promoting their business, event or product.

First launched in Dallas, Texas in 1985, FASTSIGNS offered signs, graphics and visual communication solutions to local businesses. Just one year after launching the business, founders, Gary Salomon and Bob Schanbaum realised there was a demand for both their signs and their business model. In 1986, FASTSIGNS officially expanded into franchising, before reaching the UK in 1992, where we continue to grow and develop in the UK signage industry. This opportunity combines a proven business model with the technological advancement for cost-effective signage solutions, helping businesses to showcase their brand with the use of our expertise. 

Our ideal franchisees do not require any previous industry experience and can come from virtually any industry background. Having some experience of managing people and understanding what makes a successful team would be a bonus, but all we require is that you are motivated, have the right work ethic and are enthusiastic about developing a profitable business. 

FASTSIGNS will support you as you enter into this diverse industry, through our comprehensive training programme, which has been developed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and resources to launch and run a successful FASTSIGNS franchise. With additional ongoing support from our support team, you can build a business designed with your success in mind. 


We provide a brand name which delivers a competitive advantage and a commitment to research and development, that ensure your business remains at the cutting edge.

Upon joining we’ll continue to support you with: 

  • Protected territories and assistance selecting a suitable location
  • Industry-leading training
  • Pre-opening marketing campaigns
  • Grand opening support and guidance
  • Dedicated Business Consultants
  • Franchisee Mentoring Programme
  • 24-hour web-based learning management
  • Outside sales support
  • And much more!

Daily Life of a franchisee

A day in the life of a FASTSIGNS franchisee is varied, with no two days looking the same. As the franchisee of the centre, you will be at the epicentre of activities, you could be visiting customer sites to understand their signage needs, creating quotations, managing accounts, turning your hand to production, if required and managing your team. Where ever your specialist skill set lies, we can build a team around you so you can manage your daily activities to suit your expertise.

Andy Simpson

The Joy of Running a Family Business

In January, FASTSIGNS Leeds were celebrated for their achievements among the wider FASTSIGNS family. This family business run by a father and son franchise team aims for the best. 


FASTSIGNS Leeds closed 2018 off in spectacular style with the centre’s joint franchisee, Andy Simpson being recognised as FASTSIGNS UK’s Franchisee of the Year. Andy received this award as a testament to his wider involvement in the network; a role he is able to undertake because of his father and co-franchisee, Chris Simpson, is also at the helm of their business. The FASTSIGNS Leeds franchise is a little more “family” than most and has operated in this way for almost 24 years. The father and son team have worked side-by-side to build a successful family business.

In the mid-nineties, Chris had been made redundant from a high-level management career in industry, when he came across the opportunity of owning a FASTSIGNS business. Andy, who was in his early twenties at the time, took the opportunity to join his father on his journey to becoming his own boss. Andy comments, “I was 25 when Chris discovered FASTSIGNS, I thought it would be a fantastic way for me to become a business owner. An opportunity that I also recognise, probably wouldn’t have come along had he not looked into franchising. I was also intrigued by the FASTSIGNS opportunity, signage seemed like a creative and technical operation to be involved in, even in 1995.” 

When they first started working together, Chris and Andy needed to sort out how they would split the responsibilities and balance their relationship as both business partners as well as father and son. “Andy and I are both equal in our roles”, comments Chris. “In the beginning, we may have had a few teething problems, but we quickly established that work is work and home is home. By following these simple rules we have built an effective working relationship which has a different dynamic to our familial one.” 

Both father and son have both crafted individual focuses for themselves in their day to day working remit. Andy concentrates more on the creative aspect of our business, as well as on building the team and looking after the centre staff, while Chris is naturally more interested in the financial side of it. 

“By having clearly defined roles, we are able to run our ‘departments’ keeping the other up to date as we would any other team member. When making strategic decisions for the business we work together, after 20 years, we’ve settled into our roles comfortably and have learned the best way to tackle issues as a team, to do what is best for our business.”

Early in the business’ establishment, Andy also joined the FASTSIGNS UK Support Team, working for 3 years as a business consultant, where he would advise other franchisees on best practice, which has meant he had the opportunity to learn about the wider business. This experience has made him a pillar of the FASTSIGNS community and is a steadfast choice for other franchisees to approach for support and advice. Andy continues to work on behalf of the network, taking an active role on the Central Marketing Fund board, the Leeds centre often tests incoming technologies before they are released to the wider network and also assists in training new franchisees. 

Over their 24 years in business, The FASTSIGNS Leeds team have developed a customer-focused business and have contributed considerably to the signage in their centres surrounding areas. Chris and Andy delight in walking around Leeds, seeing their work on display. Andy comments, “For example, Leeds train station has asked us to work on more than 75 signage projects over the years. These range from the practical signs to direct users of the station, as well as displays which show off our creative flair. So when we recently collected a number of awards at both the UK and  International conventions, they are a testament to the great job our whole team provides to our customers. The awards we won were for our sales achievements, my contributions to FASTSIGNS UK’s marketing efforts and we also picked up the CEO Circle award for the highest sales volume centre across the FASTSIGNS UK Network! Pretty good for a local Yorkshire family business.”

Every member of the FASTSIGNS Leeds team, which is made up of 14 members, many of whom have been with the business for almost twenty years,  share the same goal – providing the best possible signs or graphics for the individual customer’s requirements. Chris expands on this thought, “ This is really where franchising has helped us the most. FASTSIGNS always has an eye on the future, in the early days' signs were hand cut and made from layered vinyl. As time has progressed and technology has advanced, so too have our capabilities. FASTSIGNS as a franchisor, tests equipment, substrates and methodology, they then advise on how to implement these into our business, helping us to stay competitive and consistently skilled.”

It helps as the values of the family permeate through the values of the business. “Our centre is really a family concern, with four family members currently working with us, including my wife, Diane and my mother, Chris’ wife, Catherine, ” says Andy. “Last summer, we had three generations working side-by-side when my oldest son spent his summer working in the business. There was a moment when Jack and I were carrying out a survey for a new art installation at Leeds station and I asked him to write down the measurements. Being of the next generation his response to me was, ‘No! I’ll type them into my phone and email them to you.’ He’s teaching me, as much as we’re teaching him. This is the beauty of running a family business.”

Andy Dearman

Achi Atanda

Building a strong family business, from a strong foundation

Achi Atanda was looking for a long-term business venture which would motivate and interest all the family. The family-focus of the FASTSIGNS franchise offered exactly what they were looking for. 


When Achi Atanda’s family started looking for a business venture they could work together within, she had reached a point in her teaching career where she wanted to be around her own children more. “I come from an educational background, which I went into because I had a passion for working with children and helping to influence their futures. I had reached a point where I wanted to spend more time with my own children. As they were getting older and pursuing their own interests, I felt our family time was diminishing. When my son suggested to my husband and I, about starting a family business, I was open to the idea – if we could all agree on something together.”

In the Spring of 2018, her oldest son, who was studying for his GCSE examinations at the time, came across the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity. The design and creative elements of the brand satisfied Achi’s son’s interest, who then presented the franchise offering to his parents. Achi and her husband, were in turn impressed by FASTSIGNS business model; offering a business-to-business management opportunity, supporting businesses with high-quality, high-impact signage solutions. Even better, there was a territory available in Leicester, where the family are based. 

Achi explains, “we saw the purchase of our business as a foundation for our children’s future. It was important that whatever we did, we needed to pique their interest and get them excited for our business, so when the time is right for them, they can join us in operating it. As a family, we like the range of FASTSIGNS products and enjoy the future focus that the business has. Digital signs, augmented reality and interactivity is a great pull for myself but more so my children. They are from a generation that is so au fait with technology, these types of signage solutions are not only great for customers, they also intrigue my youngsters. Even the more traditional signs like building signs, vehicle graphics, window, wall, door and floor graphics are also created with cutting edge technology, so we see the signage industry as a very dynamic and exciting sector to own and operate a business in.” 

Whilst her children are completing their educations, Achi operates the centre herself with a team of sales and production staff. Not having had any experience in the signage industry, didn’t hold Achi back from investing in their new FASTSIGNS business, although she recognised the need for training.

Commenting on her FASTSIGNS training experience, Achi states,  “I felt as though I needed the FASTSIGNS training more than anyone else! I had no knowledge of signage, whatsoever! When we went to Dallas, last year, to do the training, I found my skills lay in the day-to-day management of the business. You can have all the skills in the world, but you need someone in the business who has an eye for the details behind the scenes.” With this knowledge, Achi worked with the UK support team to employ staff who would compliment her skill set and filled the required skills gap.

Based on their extensive knowledge, FASTSIGNS supported Achi as she started setting up her centre, and preparing for the opening, including providing her with access to the FASTSIGNS tools, equipment, and resources. “I received so much help from the FASTSIGNS UK support team, so felt as though I knew what I was doing. FASTSIGNS provided me with step-by-step guidelines of what I needed when I first opened, including the kind of people to employ and the best way to attract new customers.”

Having opened her FASTSIGNS Centre a little over a year ago, Achi has found it to be a steep learning curve as it is a world away from her previous teaching roles. “Although there have been some challenges, it has been extremely rewarding running my own FASTSIGNS centre. I love meeting people from different backgrounds. understanding their signage requirements and creating a diverse range of signs for them. Along the way, we have regularly exceeded customers’ expectations. Most customers think they just want a sign, but as the signage experts and through FASTSIGNS consultative selling training, we listen to their challenges and devise signage solutions that more than deliver on their requirements. Another thing that I enjoy is that no two days or two customers are the same.  One of our customers owns a fairground, so we never know what to expect from his calls. It’s always great to visit the fair and look around knowing you have contributed to the fun of the fair people take delight in.”

Of the family business she has started, Achi says, “My husband and children are not yet working with me! I have a great staff team who are supporting me in the meantime. I am honoured to be the one to bring to life the future of our family dream when my eldest son finishes his A-Levels, who knows what the future holds for FASTSIGNS Leicester!”

Richard Wedgewood

After 12 years in an executive-level sales role that demanded frequent overseas travel, FASTSIGNS UK offered Richard Wedgwood the opportunity to fulfil a life-long ambition


Prior to launching his FASTSIGNS business, Richard was an international sales director for a ceramics company, where he sold high quality, foodservice products to superior hotels within the global market. Richard’s sales leadership role afforded him a ‘glamourous’ jet-set lifestyle where he would travel around America, Canada, the Middle East and Australia, selling the finest ceramics. 

Whilst his role appeared exciting to many, Richard frequently found himself living out of suitcases, hopping between airport lounges, boardrooms, meeting rooms and hotels, rarely getting to enjoy any of the countries he was visiting. Whilst he loved his job and the perks of the lifestyle, Richard realised he was exhausted, missing out on spending time with his family and friends and not pursuing his life-long goal of working for himself.

Richard comments “I put everything into my job and I lived a fast-paced lifestyle for more than 12 years, ultimately hotel-living lost its charm. I remember trips that required me to visit 12 different cities during 16-days. It was both exhausting and uninspiring. I realised that I no longer wished to operate in this way and began to consider other opportunities.” 

That opportunity came in the form of an attractive redundancy offer in 2009. Richard seized the opportunity with both hands. He moved on from the role that had been extremely rewarding but had also dominated his life for over a decade. 

Whilst taking some time away from employment to decide on what the future held, Richard, visited friends in the US and Canada. Whilst there he discovered the franchising opportunities that these countries had to offer. He identified that franchising offered a proven business model, providing a low-risk opportunity to start his own business in virtually any sector. Franchising would deliver the additional training he needed and support for him as he achieved business growth with a brand that was already recognised and trusted by its customers. 

“Having found out so much about franchising in the Americas, I did not realise that franchising was a possibility in the UK. I was all set to emigrate to Canada, planning to start both a new life and a franchised business abroad. I believed that's where the opportunities were!” Richard continues, “It was a chance meeting with the manager at a newly opened franchised restaurant in Manchester, that opened my eyes to the franchising opportunities in the UK. I realised this would be a bold – but ideal step – to help me achieve my goal.”

Having decided to stay in the UK, Richard set about undertaking his due diligence and understanding the UK franchise market. Richard worked with a company that connected franchise brands to potential franchisees. This company told him about FASTSIGNS, an American franchise business operating in the UK, providing signs and visual graphics to local business communities.  

After further research, Richard was attracted to the technology that the FASTSIGNS franchise entailed, alongside the management nature of the business and the work-life balance that the franchise opportunity promised to deliver. “After 12 years of travelling, I was ready to find somewhere to establish my future. The technology and equipment required to open the centre was a huge draw for me, even though my background was in sales, I knew through the proper training and building the correct team, I could excel in a FASTSIGNS centre. 

In 2010, Richard began his FASTSIGNS journey, by attending the FASTSIGNS Foundations training course, prior to the launch of his centre. Knowing that he did not possess design capabilities, Richard hired a graphic designer and took him and another member of staff to the two-week training course, delivered by FASTSIGNS Head Office, in Dallas, Texas. The course covered everything the team needed to know, including design, installation and customer service. 

Richard states that the training he received as the business owner was invaluable. “My role is often incredibly varied. I can be trouble-shooting machinery one moment, involved in customer sales, or dealing with finances. Not only did I gain an excellent overview of the business, from FASTSIGNS perspective, I’ve also developed a wide-ranging array of new skills.”

“When FASTSIGNS Manchester first launched, I knew I wanted to see quick growth. In order to do this, I followed the FASTSIGNS model as closely as possible, I made use of all the systems FASTSIGNS had developed over their 33-year history. I also ingratiated myself into, not only the UK franchise network but also the US and Canadian networks too. This ensured we were not only able to ask our franchisor for help, but also the wider network.” 

Each year, FASTSIGNS Manchester has achieved year-on-year growth. In 2016, to facilitate further growth, Richard relocated his centre to a 5,500 square foot, purpose-built facility and invested in the latest signage technology and equipment. Richard believes the investment will allow him and his team to fulfil and exceed their customer's expectations, experience more rapid expansion in capabilities, and has firmly positioned his centre one of the top 5 sale turnover centres in the UK.

Even after achieving so much in FASTSIGNS Manchester’s first eight years of trading, Richard is not ready to release his foot from the pedal, just yet.  “When I first started my business, one of my goals was to make myself redundant from day-to-day operations within 5 years.  Eight years later I still haven’t reached this goal but continue to work towards it.  I keep upping the bar and the market evolves, providing new challenges myself and my team to achieve more. It’s always about tomorrow. It’s about next year and the goals we can continue to reach for.”

Shahzad Ahmed

Millennial entrepreneur seeks out challenge to build a successful business in a new sector

Already sold on the concept of franchising, Shahzad Ahmad wanted to diversify from the family portfolio of predominantly food franchises and was in the market for a franchise opportunity with a difference. Impressed by the service he’d received from his local FASTSIGNS, he set out to discover more about the franchise and how it could work for him. 

From the age of 19, Shahzad Ahmad worked for the family business, becoming an integral part of the day to day running of their six pizza franchises, located across London and Essex. By the time he turned 30, Shahzad was ready for a new challenge; having grown up running businesses with the support of a franchisor, Shahzad knew that this method of conducting business would continue to work for him. After 11 years of running  food-focussed franchises, Shahzad wanted to diversify from the family portfolio and craved a business that was less focused on food and beverage and more on the development of customer relationships and designing and producing a finished product or service. 


Discovering FASTSIGNS

Aware of the FASTSIGNS® brand, having previously been a customer of FASTSIGNS Enfield, it was through a conversation with the centre’s franchisee, Paul Cooper, that Shahzad began to consider the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity. “Paul was definitely a driving force behind my research into FASTSIGNS.” Shahzad continues, “I had known him professionally for a while, he assured me it was a worthwhile business to invest in, giving me a valuable insight into the workings of the brand and told me of the positive service provided by the UK Support Team.”

Following further research into FASTSIGNS and other franchise offerings, Shahzad contacted the UK support centre to understand more about the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity. Having previously worked a relentless seven days a week in a business to consumer, (B2C) food and beverage retail business, the prospect of  operating a business-to-business (B2B) management franchise, producing signs and visual graphics to business minded individuals, was extremely appealing to Shahzad. “I liked the concept of providing businesses with creative signage solutions.” Shahzad continues, “the use of technology was also a huge attraction for me. I knew I had found an opportunity that broke the mould of my franchising experience, allowing me to set up the type of business I had envisioned for myself.” 


Preparation and Launching the Centre

The time between signing the franchise agreement, for the Islington territory, in December 2013 to the launch of his centre in February 2015, was longer than anticipated. At the time, although there was a lot of property available in the Islington area, none were suited to the requirements of a FASTSIGNS centre. As with all things, persistence prevailed and the centres current Caledonian Road location became available 12 months later.  Shahzad explains, “I spent a long time looking for the right facility, it was just not available!” Shahzad continues, “During this time the FASTSIGNS support team were a constant source of reassurance, whenever I found a prememsis I thought could work, they would visit the premises and advise me on the suitability of it. Although I was more than eager to get started, having the patience to find the correct venue was worth it in the end. It was such a relief when we found the ideal location, even if I thought it was initially a little bigger than necessary.” 

Once the location had been found in January 2015, the set up and launch of the centre was mobilized by the FASTSIGNS support team extremely quickly; floor plans and architectural drawings were produced, the initial marketing plans were written and machinery and materials were ordered in quick succession. “When it came to setting-up accounts with suppliers, FASTSIGNS had already done the hard work for me. They’d sourced printers, computers and other key pieces of equipment, introducing me to the suppliers they have established relationships with. In terms of support for starting your own franchise, there's not much more you could ask for from the FASTSIGNS support team.”


The FASTSIGNS Training and Development 

Whilst the centre was undergoing it’s fit out and build, Shahzad embarked on the FASTSIGNS training programme,[LINK TO EMILY’S BLOG ABOUT THE TRAINING] Foundations at the FASTSIGNS Head Office located in Dallas, Texas, just one month before the launch of his centre, in February 2015 . A conscious decision on Shahzad’s part, “I wanted to do the training programme as close to opening of the centre as I could, keeping the skills and knowledge that I would gain as fresh in my mind as possible. The two weeks of training were intense but very worthwhile, the programme is excellent and extremely informative.” 

The foundation programme has two distinct training paths, business management and production / design. Having gained valuable on the job training in business management during his earlier career, Shahzad felt that he would derive more benefit from his time in Dallas by learning about signage production / design. Upon returning to the UK, Shahzad again found the UK support team to be extremely supportive. Shahzad explains, “being face-to-face with my first customer and taking their order was by far the most daunting part of the process, taking down exacting details about their required sign made it all very real. Having a FASTSIGNS business consultant with me on this appointment and throughout the first week, following my centre’s launch, was wholly reassuring and provided great value.” 


Learning to become a FASTSIGNS Franchisee 

Although a challenge that Shahzad openly admits he wanted; moving from a fast food and beverage business, characterised by little customer interaction into a management and consultancy based business in the signage industry, was a steep learning curve. “With pizzerias, the product is centered on one thing: pizza. There maybe some variation in individual orders but essentially the delivery of the finished product was always the same. At FASTSIGNS, there are so many variables that affect the finished product, including the customers business, their facility, their available budget, their values and their intangible assets such as logos and colour pallets, no job is ever the same. Every signage solution we sell is truly bespoke!” Shahzad continues, “Personally, I have become  much more customer-focussed, I enjoy interacting with all of our customers and actively pursue building a relationship with them, going this extra mile really does help me to understand their requirements better.”

Even with being well versed in business management, Shahzad has found life as a FASTSIGNS franchisee an education, taking it upon himself to learn the right terminology and has developed ways to communicate this to customers, in a way that makes sense to them. To achieve this, Shahzad has worked hard to ingratiate himself into the UK network, leaning heavily on other franchisees expertise when he has come across something that he doesn’t know the answer to. Shahzad comments “The network has been brilliant, all of the franchisees, some whom have over 20 years experience in this industry, are there to answer any questions that I have had. It’s encouraging to know that all of these people have learned the same lessons as me and can provide sage advice. In the first month, following the centre launch, I was constantly on the phone to other franchisees, they were all incredibly supportive.” 

Shahzad knows he made the right decision in joining the FASTSIGNS network, although initially finding the right location was a challenge, he has come to appreciate his location in central London. Being close to Kings Cross Station means he has the privilege of working with a diverse customer base, made up of businesses from large private limited companies (PLC) to local independent businesses. This assortment of customers is a feature of the business that Shahzad loves as it means no two days, or two projects, are ever the same. 

In terms of marketing his business, Shahzad has actively promoted himself in his local area, stating “FASTSIGNS is definitely a good business to invest in, especially if you’re the sort of person, like me,  who is happy to go out networking and market the businesses capabilities; rather than expecting work to come to you.” 


A Vision of the Future 

Now that his business has moved on from the launch phase and is firmly on a growth trajectory, Shahzad has come to appreciate the extra space his facility allows him, commenting, “for a start-up business, I felt that our current premises was a little large, however, now that the business is growing I see that the extra space has actually future proofed my business for some years to come. Since 2015, my sales have built and my year on year profits have continued to increase and I firmly have my sights set on expansion,  In 2018, I have bolstered my team with the addition of two new staff members, one outside sales professional and a production specialist and I plan to add more equipment and machinery to improve our offerings and capabilities, before the year is over.” 

As a final thought, Shahzad adds, “as I look around my FASTSIGNS centre, I see what I have achieved in three years, its very exciting to consider what the next three years and beyond will bring!”

Mel Martinez

Simon & Friederike Slee

A FASTSIGNS franchise gives you a chance to build a successful business that aligns with your personal life!

Simon & Friederike Slee have built a hugely successful family business that is as much about providing the excellent FASTSIGNS service to its customers as affording them a positive work life balance.   


In 2010, Simon Slee, an Australian investment banker met his wife, German born, Friederike, a qualified landscape architect whilst working in the Middle East.  After relocating to London, the couple considered how their future would look. Following a redundancy opportunity for Simon and with him being uninspired to return to the banking floor, the couple began considering launching a business of their own. 

Initially, Simon and Friederike identified their combined skills, qualifications and experience, using this analysis to generate ideas for business opportunities that would be most suited to them. Ideally, the couple wanted to start a business that utilised strong foundations, a solid structure and delivered excellent future prospects. After some discussion and research into ways of starting their new venture, purchasing a franchise seemed to be the best option for the couple. 

Simon and Friederike attended the National Franchise Exhibition in Manchester, where they were first introduced to the FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity; a B2B franchise providing its customers with practical visual communications solutions based on 33 years’ experience in the signage industry; offering a tried and tested business model that combined creativity with sales and technology.

As they spoke with FASTSIGNS management, Simon and Friederike realised the combination of their skills and the FASTSIGNS business model were the ideal partnership. Simon’s sales experience and confidence operating in international business made FASTSIGNS the perfect fit, further complemented by Friederike consultative and graphic design experience. 

The couple were also drawn by the wider franchise network, FASTSIGNS really stood out from other franchise opportunities. “It was apparent from the start that the FASTSIGNS vetting process was superior to other franchisors.” says Simon “We saw they were selective about who could join their network. Their approach demonstrated to us how seriously they considered their franchisees, this sense of exclusivity was appealing, we wanted to be a part of it.”

Following their decision to join the network, just four months after attending the franchise exhibition, the couple embarked on the franchisee training programme, which covered all aspects of building a successful FASTSIGNS business. This included a two week residential training course (Link to Emily’s Piece) at the FASTSIGNS head office in Dallas, Texas, laying the foundations for their business success. 

Since acquiring FASTSIGNS Hammersmith centre in 2011, the couple have increased their staff team by 30% and have relocated their business to a purpose built facility that can accomodate their rapidly growing business.

Of the move, Simon comments, “We had grown so much in the first five years and required a much larger space. Since we moved into our new premises, we are now able to offer clients a wider range of services, from marketing materials to large format signage, a greater percentage of which we can now produce in house! Throughout the expansion process, the FASTSIGNS UK support team were brilliant giving us a tremendous amount of support and the confidence to grow. ”

Having a positive work life balance was also a key consideration for Simon and Friederike when they began their search for business opportunities, especially for Friederike who was keen to strike an effective balance between the prospect of a young family and continuing to work. 

The FASTSIGNS franchise opportunity, being B2B focused, allows Simon to work a standard working week, with Friederike being in the business part time.  This arrangement was a decision the couple made in the early days of their franchise ownership. Now with two young daughters, who often join the couple in the centre, Friederike is able to work during the mornings and be fully focussed on the children in the afternoons. 

Simon explains, “We wanted to create a level of consistency for Friederike, our staff and customers and made a commitment for Friederike to come into the office daily but have the ability to leave at midday. The kids also enjoy being with us in the centre, we joke that they are the youngest members of our team, we even have them featured on our website!”

The couple understands that being able to balance the family and the business is a privilege they wouldn’t necessarily have if they had remained in the corporate world. “As a family business, we’re really lucky.” Simon says, “Friederike has perfected balancing the business with family incredibly well, working together in the business means we can lean on each other for support, we are working together to build a future for our family.”  To find out more about how FASTSIGNS could suit your family, contact us on: 01785 253140, or visit our website and complete the online form to request a call.


FASTSIGNS has resale opportunities available, please contact us for more information.

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