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Launched in 1992, Ovenclean is the original oven cleaning businesses in the UK, providing a professional domestic cleaning service to a massive marketplace of over 26 million households nationwide.

Ovenclean is part of Franchise Brands plc, an international multi-brand franchisor with a combined network of over 450 franchisees in 12 countries across five brands.

Franchise Overview

With over twenty years’ experience of successfully franchising in the UK, our franchise model is proven, tried and tested. Over the years Ovenclean has trained, developed and supported franchise partners from all walks of life, with varying backgrounds, work histories and business ambitions.

The beauty of the franchise model is its simplicity: it is easy to learn, straightforward to manage and can deliver high profitability from offering a service with high repeat custom and great job satisfaction.

Key Information

  • Network Size: Over 100 units
  • Franchise Type: Opportunity for both management and job
  • Franchise Location: Van-based
  • Market: B2C

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Never cleaned an oven or ran your own business? No Problem! Our comprehensive and personalised training package ensures you understand and feel comfortable with all elements of Ovenclean’s unique cleaning system.

The two-week programme encompasses in-depth practical, business and marketing modules both in our bespoke training centre and in the field with established Ovenclean business mentors.

What’s more, franchisees benefit from an unrivalled ongoing support programme, including technical, marketing and business development support. Ovenclean is the only oven cleaning brand which has regular national TV advertising campaigns.

TV advertising has been made possible through the National Advertising Fund and the experience of the Franchise Brands marketing team.

Daily Life of a franchisee

A typical day as a franchisee involves arranging and attending appointments at customers’ homes to carry out cleans, and securing new business through supported marketing and business development. Once your customers have experienced an Ovenclean clean, they never look back! And it is this customer loyalty that invariably generates high levels of recommendations – so much so that word of mouth referrals become a strategic part of the Ovenclean operations, resulting in a rapidly growing business.

Dean Wilson

Richard Metcalfe

Graham Kerridge

Graham told us a bit more about his life prior to being an Ovenclean franchisee: “I worked for 16 years as a Prison Officer, but there were a lot of changes that were happening. I realised that the service I once worked for wasn’t the service that I initially joined, so I decided that it was time to make a change, and I know that I definitely made the right decision with Ovenclean.”

“I never anticipated that I would own my own business and be working for Ovenclean – it all seemed such a scary thing. It just happened that I was looking through a business magazine and there was an Ovenclean advert. I liked what I had seen so much that I booked myself onto one of the open days. It’s fair to say that I was even more impressed once me and my wife had attended the open day – we left with huge grins on our faces and were eager to get started.”

Since day one, Graham claims that he’s received fantastic support from the Ovenclean team. The Head Office offer ongoing specialist services in Marketing and Franchise Support to new and existing franchisees. Ovenclean are also the only oven cleaning franchise which advertises on national TV.

“I can’t praise Head Office enough with the support and training they have given me – their help and advice has really invaluable.

“I began my training with a business mentor – an established franchisee – which was extremely useful. From day one, the team at Head Office have provided me with emotional support, technical support and marketing advice which made the transition from employment to self-employment very easy. They know what you need to be doing in order to get the phone ringing.”

Due to the fantastic support that Graham received from Head Office and the hard work that he’s put into his franchise, he’s been very successful.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be very busy from day one, it’s always been a steady increase in work” Graham continues. “It’s hard work but you don’t mind putting the effort in, because at the end of the day, you’re the one reaping the rewards.” With an Ovenclean franchise, what you get out is what you put into the business.

So Graham’s life has definitely taken a turn for the better since he invested in an Ovenclean franchise - he loves the work he does. “The positive feedback and remarks that you receive from customers are really rewarding and definitely make the job worthwhile. I get a huge amount of repeat and referral business from customers. Many of my customers are now not just customers, but they have also become good friends.”

When asked if Graham had any regrets about becoming a franchisee, he briefly thought for a moment and then said “I do have one… I just wish I would have done it sooner!”

Clive and Clare Pearson

In 2002, new parents of twins, Clive and Clare Pearson made a decision that would change their lives forever.

After hearing about Ovenclean from a friend, they attended an open day. They soon realised that owning an Ovenclean franchise was the right way to balance the demands of having a young family whilst maintaining their high earnings. Clare could work from home, handling bookings and paperwork, whilst Clive would be out cleaning ovens and building the business.

Now, fifteen years on and with the twins in secondary school, the Pearson’s are still enjoying the flexibility that being self-employed offers.

“I have been able to be at home with the children during the day, fitting my work around being available for dentist appointments, school plays, assemblies and the school run.” Claire said. “We are often able to rearrange the diaries around the holidays so I can have a few days off with the children. This has meant that we’ve been able to see them grow up, in a way that would not have been possible if we had stayed in the corporate world.”

Over the years, the couple have grown their business substantially. With a database of several thousand customers, they currently operate three vehicles over adjacent territories and have taken on two employees to keep up with demand. Longer term plans for the couple include adding a fourth vehicle to their already thriving business, but for now the couple are just enjoying being able to concentrate on family life:

“Our personal happiness was at the top of the agenda when we made the decision to invest in the franchise, and it has delivered everything we’d hoped,” Clare concludes. “As a working family, being with Ovenclean has offered us maximum flexibility. We have built a successful, rewarding business with more security and much less stress than we would have done if we had remained employees in our respective sectors.“

When asked if Clare had any advice for anyone considering investing in an Ovenclean franchise, she replied: “Just do it! Having your own business offers you the flexibility to fit your career around your lifestyle.  The key to success is being prepared to work hard at the beginning - building strong relationships with your customers, as it is their loyalty that will keep you going through the years. It’s hard work, but you definitely get back what you put in.”

Steven Bowen

“Due to the changing nature of retail, and the ever-increasing presence of the internet, my redundancy wasn’t a shock, but nonetheless, still a daunting prospect after so many years,” he says. “Fortunately, I had time to look around at my options, during which time I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to work for a large organisation again.

“With this in mind, it led me to look at franchising, but I soon realised that it was important to find something that didn’t require specific trade qualifications like a plumber or electrician. However, having previously managed an electrical department instore, the opportunity to find out more about Ovenclean seemed an interesting one, as I had knowledge of many of the appliances that I’d be working with.

“The next step was to attend an open day at Kidderminster, which I found hugely helpful and informative. There was no hard sell – quite the contrary! I was even offered the opportunity to contact a random selection of existing franchisees to get their point of view before making any decisions. It was a very influential day for me – and after following up the offer to chat to franchisees, and seeing the favourable customer comments, I was convinced.”

Once Steven’s decision was made, he then spent a day at Head Office, followed by a 2-week practical induction with an experienced franchisee.

“It was really helpful,” says Steven. “By the end of the 2 weeks, I felt in a strong position to go out and start things for myself. It also helped to know my trainer was there to guide me after the launch, should I need it.

“Ovenclean were very supportive with my launch, which consisted of an excellent 6-week marketing campaign across different parts of my franchise region. This enabled a steady build-up of customers.

“To anyone considering franchising, I’d say the main benefits are the freedom it provides. I certainly wouldn’t return to the retail trade – it’s extremely satisfying to be your own boss and set the direction of your own business as you wish.

“My plan is to build up my customer base to the highest level I can achieve and offer the best possible service I can.  Eventually, I hope to be able to sell the business as a thriving, going concern.”

Steven and Estelle Sykes

Steven and Estelle chose a franchise due to risk limitation. “Ovenclean offered a proven business model, a way of operating that showed us evidence of a successful track record. We wanted a regular income but without the constrictions, demands and stresses of corporate life.”

After meeting with several other oven cleaning franchise operations, lots of reflection, debating and further research, Steven and Estelle decided that Ovenclean felt right for them. The outstanding training and support appealed to them, and Ovenclean are also only the only oven cleaning franchise that advertises on national TV.

“The initial support consisted of 2 weeks intensive 'on-the-job' training which was supervised by another franchise owner. There was much much more involved in the process of cleaning an oven than one would have imagined! However, ongoing support was received from Ovenclean HQ on request - the team are truly knowledgeable, extremely helpful and only ever a phone call away.”

Like most business owners, Steven and Estelle experienced some challenges along their journey to success, but with hard work and determination they’ve made their business more successful than ever before!

“We experienced a period of drought as any business does. It was a very sobering and new experience for us – our business has previously been pretty busy, with a constant roll of calls, e-mails and cleans.

“Through hard work and support from Head Office, we most certainly turned it around! We had the best ever trading period since the business began largely due to prospecting for new business. We completed 40-60 oven cleans over 2 weeks and have already been assured of getting the contract next year.”

So, Steven and Estelle’s business dip turned into a business peak. They have most definitely achieved their business goals, so we asked them where would you like to go from here? What are your plans for the future?

“In time, we would definitely like to grow our business and recruit others to work with us. Our ambition is to be able to fill several diaries with cleans.”

We also asked Steven and Estelle if they would do it all again, and they said “In a heartbeat! Owning a franchise has given us the ability to control our own destiny. If you follow the proven model that is laid out by Ovenclean, you will succeed.”

“It’s not an easy option, but it’s one of the most rewarding and satisfying things we have ever done. The business is there and the opportunity is waiting if you are prepared to be dedicated and work hard.”


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