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Do You love learning and helping people succeed?

Are you the go to person, that people come to for advice? Chances are, it’s because you’re a great listener and you can ask the right questions at the right time. Perhaps you’ll find fulfilment with the founders of the business coaching profession and the only franchise to be achieve 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction status and a Top 10 Rating from Elite Franchise every year since the accolades began.

Because being in business should give you more life…

If you’ve ever had the desire to make a life-changing difference to businesses and be a part of a fun, friendly and helpful community of like-minded people, whilst building your own legacy, then ActionCOACH could be the right franchise for you.

What is business coaching?

When you think about local business owners you know, the chances are they set up their business because they were an expert in that field, but does that make the owner great at recruitment, marketing, sales, systems and managing people and finances? Probably not as evidenced by 9 out of 10 UK businesses not surviving their first decade… that’s where ActionCOACH comes into play.

ActionCOACH is an international business coaching franchise that has served thousands of business owners across the world in every possible sector for three decades. We help tens of thousands of business owners per week find the freedom and lifestyle they are looking for. To do this, we rely on a community of driven individuals with the right people skills to coach them to achieve their dreams and goals – that’s where YOU and your team come in!

You and/or your employee business coaches will be transforming lives by helping your clients gain more time, more reliable teams and more profits with the help of over 3,500 proven strategies and tactics guaranteed to increase their profits.

And what will you get out of it?

For a £69K investment, you will be awarded your own territory with over 10,000 active businesses and a franchise model with proven capability to take your business to £1 million a year of revenue. You’ll receive extensive training and all the support you need to succeed in the competitive business coaching market, while still being your own boss.

A brief history…

ActionCOACH was first founded by Brad Sugars in Brisbane, Australia, in August 1993 when he went from delivering talks and seminars on business development to helping business owners on a 1-2-1 basis.

ActionCOACH now operates globally in over 80 countries with over 200 offices in the UK. Our vision is a business coach in every UK business, just like there’s a coach in every sports team and we’re committed to do whatever it takes to make every business owner aware of our business-saving and business-growing solutions; check out our television series on Amazon’s Prime Video – ‘Business as Unusual’.


Before we award you the franchise, you will be invited to learn from our network to understand the challenges and the nature of the business. You’ll get to see experienced franchise partners delivering products and services and attend our conferences. You’ll also get to meet franchise partners at different stages of their career, giving you the full picture of what it takes to become a successful ActionCOACH franchise partner.
If you’re one of the 2% to be awarded a franchise and you successfully complete your 30 hours of pre-training, you’ll get to attend initial 10-day training at ActionCOACH Uni.

The knowledge and skills you will learn are invaluable: ActionCOACH business building systems, how to coach someone to an investment decision with the ActionCOACH sales system, marketing and profit strategies, how to deliver seminars and workshops, and build a winning team.

On top of that, we run over 50 days of training and support each year! The on-going support includes all of the following FREE of charge for you:

• WhatsApp support for you and your future team members
• A 1-2-1 Induction Day for you
• 8-weekly Group Academy webinars
• Bi-monthly MasterCLASSes (6 days in total every two months)
• Daily Webinars on key areas of the business – marketing, selling and coaching
• Quarterly regional planning/training days
• 2-day UK conference
• Unlimited reviews and critiques of their sales meetings
• Hands-on support for you in marketing and selling
• UK-wide digital marketing and Strategic Alliances
• Bespoke quarterly training days for franchise partners banking £20K+ per month, £0-£10k per month, £10-20K per month.
• Videos and documents on every aspect of business growth
• Research and development
• Marketing co-ordination and development
• LinkedIn training from our in-house accredited LinkedIn Trainer
• BIG Friday Finishes (global thought leaders from across world hosting a webinar with our franchise partners each week to motivate, provide support and encourage personal growth) which Santander have partnered with to promote to their clients
• A videography team dedicated to making client success stories that are available for you to use in your marketing and selling
• And of course, your own 1-2-1 world-class business coach to help you develop and grow!

The positive side effect of our training

Whilst you’re learning how best to support your business owner members, you’ll be learning how to build your own profitable business.

ActionCOACH is in the business of business growth, has developed the best business growth system in the world and has the best team in the world to support business growth… you can use that system and draw on that very same team to grow your own commercial, profitable enterprise which can work with or without you! Interestingly, most of our franchise partners can’t ever see themselves leaving, it’s just too fulfilling and enjoyable, but it’s nice to have the choice.

If you are considering becoming an Action Coach, you are just one step away from a wealth of business coaching knowledge and skills that will enable you to change businesses – and lives – throughout your territory. Put in the time, effort and learning required, and the rewards will be great.

What will I do as a Franchisee

You will quickly form a daily and weekly working routine – or default diary – that works for you. Part of the beauty of owning an ActionCOACH franchise is the flexibility you get, meaning you can create a healthy work-life balance and find your own rhythm when it comes to the hours you work. Self-care is important for being able to regularly get into the right mindset for delivering top quality, life-changing business coaching, so if you choose to coach, we encouraged you to schedule time away from the desk and to keep your workspace separate from your living space.

Typically you and/or your employee business coaches will start your day with a daily webinar to sharpen your saw. Then a quick review and refinement of your daily plan and preparation for client coaching. You will then spend a good portion of the day delivering coaching sessions with your clients – we’d recommend no more than two or three 1-hour coaching sessions in a morning and the same for the afternoon, allowing you time to get a brew and some fresh air before you meet each client. If you choose to coach, you will also need to prioritise at least one day a quarter to focus on strategy and business development.

If your ideals number of coaching sessions per week isn’t yet booked solid, it makes sense to use available sessions to meet with prospects or go and get some more prospects through for instance attending a local business networking meeting.
As well as coaching sessions, you will also attend regular one-to-one and group meetings. These are an important opportunity to touch base with your team, ask questions, make plans and raise any actions that need to be taken.
In short, you will have a variety of daily and weekly tasks and interactions stay on top of, but at the end of the day, your schedule is yours to organise. You will have the chance to grow and thrive in the coaching industry while creating the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

“I love coaching because it gives me a sense of fulfilment by helping my members and their businesses succeed and grow. I’ve always been good at problem solving and working things out with people, so when our work pays off and I see their progression, it’s a fantastic feeling.” – Jenni Morgan, owner of ActionCOACH Wakefield

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