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Since the launch of Bartercard in Australia in 1991, and in the UK in 1997, businesses have bartered within a network of thousands of members around the world. It is designed to assist businesses in improving their cash flow and reducing cash expenses through the use of modern bartering.

Bartercard operates franchises all over the world and has over 75 regional offices worldwide allowing its members and franchisees to establish new business markets on a local, national and international scale. Bartercard also provides you with an interest-free line of credit, creating an additional source of funding for you to invest in the growth of your business.

The power of Bartercard’s modern-day bartering is that you can conserve cash and reduce expenses by using our digital currency, known as a trade pound, to swap your products or services indirectly with any business within the Bartercard network.

Bartercard is currently operational in many countries, Australia being the founding territory. Bartercard UK sells its franchises in postcode areas or regions. In January 2020, Bartercard UK launched its new franchise model to its members and then the public. 

Franchisees grow their businesses by meeting business owners and demonstrating how Bartercard works and how it is a key tool in the development of their business by:

  • Guaranteeing to bring new customers and increased sales
  • Saving cash and improving cash flow
  • Providing the opportunity to fill their spare capacity or downtime and sell their excess stock without special offers or discounts
  • Improving profitability
  • Providing an interest-free line of credit to preserve cash


In return, Bartercard provides a comprehensive support programme including business planning templates, office set-up and support, regional marketing support and initial and on-going training.

Bartercard offers the perfect opportunity to build and run your own business with the backing and support of a world-leading established brand.

Industry Sector(s):

  • B2B
  • Trade Exchange
  • Membership Platform


Start-up costs are dependent on the size and business-concentration of the territory and can be as little as £3,000 and as much as £50,000. Additionally, we charge a monthly franchise licencing fee of £500 that covers the support and processing costs.

To Start

  • Up to 20 training credits provided as part of an initial setup arrangement fee
  • One-week intensive training at Head Office
  • An on-going post-training care programme


Local Support

  • A minimum of one monthly catch up call by each department
  • Weekly webinars and online conference calls
  • Unlimited telephone and email support available (during working hours)



  • Regional monthly training plus group reward and recognition sessions
  • Two conferences per annum (invitation to attend)
  • Online training through our App
  • Processing of transactions through our proprietary trading software (fully supported by our Admin team at Head Office)
  • Production and delivery of monthly statements to each franchisee’s members
  • Presentation of monthly management report detailing commissions earned


Tools/assets needed in the franchise

  • Presenter brochures – provided
  • Smartphone
  • PC – up to two provided
  • Stable mid-speed internet connection
  • Bartercard CRM system – provided
  • Branded stationery – provided
  • Bartercard trading account– provided
  • Business cards – provided
  • Branded promotional pack – provided
  • Branded exhibition pack – provided
  • Reliable, presentable car


Bartercard has an App and Web Portal specifically designed to train our franchisees using interactive modules, forums and manuals/files. The franchisee will also be invited to our Head Office to do one week’s intensive training. Bartercard’s heads of departments will take you through case studies, role play and written tests during this training. Their dedicated Franchise assistant will run the post-training programme, which ensures the highest level of support for our franchisees.

What will I do as a Franchisee

No two days are the same at Bartercard and best of all, what you do during your day is up to you. At the start, you may want to focus on introducing Bartercard to current businesses you have relationships or new ones. This may initial meetings, calls and emails. Once you have a couple of members, you can start to manage your new network by sourcing products or services.

Key Information

Start-Up Cost:


Franchise Type:

Home based

Sector Type:

Accountancy, Finance & Trade Exchange

Investment Type:

Start-up Franchise



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