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Business Doctors is a white-collar franchise for people who love the business of business.

Since 2004, our international franchisees have helped thousands of small and medium sized companies to fulfil their potential. Quite simply, Business Doctors use their knowledge, skills and understanding to turn businesses into growing businesses.

What Business Doctors offers is unique in the sector. This is not just coaching or training; and it is not consultancy as you might know it. We are the only homegrown franchised network that can offer a tried and tested method of hands-on, holistic support, to SMEs.

When Rod Davies and Matt Levington launched Business Doctors in Merseyside in 2004, they promised to make management consultancy accessible, affordable and relevant to owners of small and medium sized companies. The pair found that small businesses were crying out for their style of no-nonsense help including sales planning, new market development, recruitment, fundraising, succession planning and team building.

Refining their SME growth support package over four years to deliver maximum bang for the buck, in 2008 they launched their first UK franchise. Today, our Business Doctors help SMEs to grow in 12 countries, including India, South Africa, Irish Republic, Belgium, Cyprus and Malta.

If you’re the kind of person who finds themselves interrogating everyone from your window cleaner to your dentist about their business model, this could be the franchise for you. Business Doctors are listeners, solution-finders and implementers; they are captivated by what makes organisations tick.

Where our approach differs from traditional management consultancy is that Business Doctors roll up our sleeves and work alongside small businesses as part of their team. This franchise suits people who want to build lasting relationships with companies of all kinds, from established family businesses to young start-ups.

How many hours you work a week is entirely up to you. You’re in charge and make your own decision about whether you’re looking for better work-life balance or to drive your franchise on full-steam ahead.

Business Doctors franchisees generally have around 20 years’ senior management experience. Most have been managing directors or have held other board level positions; some have previously run their own businesses. But whatever your level of expertise, all franchisees benefit from our extended training programme and ongoing support.


Our franchisees are highly experienced business people, but for most, this will be the first taste of self-employment. Buying a Business Doctors franchise provides the reassurance that you are launching an established and successful business model and will be fully supported along the way.

When you buy a Business Doctors franchise, you will receive:

  • An exclusive territory, covering around 10,000 SMEs
  • Seven full days of face-to-face training, covering delivery, sales and marketing
  • Unlimited mentoring throughout your launch phase (six months)
  • Six full days of co-pilot business support from an experienced Business Doctor
  • The ongoing support and collaboration of the rest of the Business Doctors network
  • Continuing online product training modules
  • High quality business stationery and promotional materials
  • Ongoing social media marketing support, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator training
  • Your own branded website and online marketing tools
  • An exhibition kit, including branded display board, projector and speaker
  • First year’s professional indemnity and business insurance included

No consulting experience is needed as full training will be provided.

Training sessions are interactive and typically consist of three separate parts focussing on sales, marketing and delivery with time in-between each course allowing you to absorb and practice what you have learned.

The training programme continuously evolves to ensure that new recruits are fully equipped with everything needed to run a successful Business Doctors franchise.

Once trained, you will benefit from proven processes, tools, materials and ongoing support from this highly collaborative network of like-minded individuals.

What will I do as a Franchisee

The need for our services is self-evident. The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) identified three of the largest and fastest-growing markets within management consulting to be operational improvement, financial management and project management.

It’s no coincidence that this magic trio is at the heart of the Business Doctors offer.

There are 5.9 million SMEs in the UK (2019) and no other national network is set up to target this kind of support to them.

Though the pandemic has seen many Business Doctors take a temporary step back from the physical boardroom and shop floor, it’s been a very busy period for franchisees, who have all become dab hands with Zoom.

“The fallout of Covid-19 has seen small business owners having to rapidly implement change, develop new business models and ways of working, bring in unfamiliar technologies and learn new management strategies,” says Kevin.

“And the Business Doctors, with their years of experience, steady hands and agile, unflappable minds, have been there to help them all the way. It’s what we do.”

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