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As a Concept Claim Solution franchise partner, you’ll manage property damage insurance claims for your clients: the property damage claim market is a multi-billion-pound industry with events such as pandemics and economic recessions having little or no effect on our business model. In the UK, insurers pay over £17 million per day on property claims.

Investing in the franchise will bring you financial security, the freedom to work from home (if that’s your preference) and the choice to work the hours that suit you. Our FREE service is accessible to every UK home and commercial property owner. You don’t have to worry about sharp increases in energy prices or rapid rises in living costs because the insurance company covers all the costs.

Established in 2001, Concept Claim Solutions is the insurance claims management franchise, pioneer. We are the longest established franchise in the building insurance claims sector, with over 50 operational franchise territories in the UK. We have been continually rated in the annual Elite Top 100 franchise awards and are part of the Insurance Solutions Group (ISG), a specialist group of 7 companies with 120 employees and multiple franchise brands within the portfolio.

ISG has over 35 years of experience operating in the insurance sector. This unique positioning in the market allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry like no one else. It enables us to provide franchise partners with unmatched resources, such as access to our network of approved contractors who can be appointed and managed by the Head office.

Our network of franchise partners are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to manage fire, storm, impact, accidental damage, malicious damage and pretty much any other type of property damage insurance claim you can think of. Their role involves handling all communications and negotiations with the customer’s insurance company to achieve a fair settlement and project managing the property reinstatement.

The service is underpinned by a relentless commitment to truly understanding the pain points of the customers we support. For many people, the Concept Claim Solutions service is the only way to gain peace of mind when it comes to finding trusted contractors and recovering the amount of money necessary for completing the repairs.

The insurance and property restoration industry falls into the exclusive “recession-resistant” category; you would have a hard time living with a fire damaged kitchen or water pouring through the ceiling. Most people are also not skilled at property repairs, so when an issue arises, they require experts with the skills and know-how to help them return to normal.

Project managing building insurance claims is a personally fulfilling and profitable career path. The constant level of demand is just one of many advantages of starting a franchise with Concept Claim Solutions; other reasons include:

  • Benefit from very low overheads
  • Highly-skilled franchise support team by your side every step of the way
  • Uncapped earning potential


At Concept Claim Solutions, training is so much more than teaching franchise partners “how to do things”. We combine practical engagement techniques with a hands-on approach to learning. We take the time to understand your development areas so that you get the best for your time with us.

Induction Training

The first part of our training is at the Head office in Preston, where you will get to know your support team and learn about the different components of our business model. The training is delivered by accredited professionals and involves various techniques to accommodate different learning styles.

Apply What You Have Learned With Confidence

Following the induction training, five days are spent in the field with an experienced franchise partner who is also a mentor for the first six months. Mentoring offers the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a simulated yet safe training environment. Practising on-the-job skills builds confidence and gives you the ability to transfer the knowledge to real-life work.

Sales and Marketing

The proven business development strategy enables you to establish a referral customer base quickly. You will benefit from Head office leads and the support of our Business Development Manager, who will spend time alongside you in the territory, demonstrating exactly how we generate claim leads and build relationships with referral partners for national and local accounts.

Our Marketing team continually promotes the brand within the UK market through PPC advertising with precise targeting, content strategies combining SEO with social media, regular website updates, and other digital marketing techniques to boost our online presence.

Technical Support

We have a tremendous wealth of insurance and construction expertise to help with every part of your new role, from practical support with creating the schedules of works to understanding the insurance policy to settling the claims; we are by your side every step of the way.

There is no stress when it comes to finding contractors as we provide you with access to a nationwide network of contractors who can be appointed and managed by the Head office. Being part of a larger Insurance Solutions Group allows for a level of support unmatched in the sector and means you can always get the specialist assistance you need.

The centralised claims handling team manages the phones 7 days a week, 24 hours, and is usually the customer’s first point of contact.

Our accountancy provider will also complete the year one final accounts and tax returns and on top of this, you get access to our CRM system, where you can see all your jobs at one glance and effectively manage all of the operational requirements of the business.

Continuous Professional Development

Ongoing, continuing professional development can be provided by achieving CII or CILA accredited insurance and claims management qualifications. Although not a requirement, as a professional advisor representing the interest of policyholders, continued achievement of recognised industry qualifications will ensure the highest levels of service are delivered.

Throughout your partnership with us, you will continue to benefit from our vast resources and expertise. We are committed to ensuring you have all the necessary tools and knowledge to operate a successful property claims management franchise.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Becoming a successful franchise partner requires a clear understanding of essential skills and the right mindset. The crucial step is to identify and prioritise these attributes. Whilst everyone may not excel in each area, recognising their significance can enhance your abilities and contribute to the long-term growth and success of your business.

Concept Claim Solutions is looking for franchise partners who have a real passion for effectively managing insurance claims. They have identified the top five qualities that they believe are crucial to attaining success:



  1. Excellent Interpersonal Skills


Having exceptional interpersonal skills is a crucial requirement for the franchise business. During the aftermath of a disaster, such as a flood or fire, individuals may feel isolated, powerless, and uncertain about their next steps. Maintaining consistent communication with customers, contractors, and the insurance company is of utmost importance to build trust and ensure smooth operations.

  1. Coachability

It’s essential to be receptive to guidance and open to receiving constructive feedback. Many individuals who join do not possess any prior knowledge about construction or insurance. However, rest assured you will be provided with the best ongoing technical support to assist you throughout every step of the process, from how to negotiate with the insurers to assessing the damage to the property and managing the building works.


  1. Organisational Skills

Managing insurance claims requires both speed and accuracy, regardless of the claim amount. Whether it’s a £10,000 escape of water claim or a £100,000 fire claim, it’s crucial to have excellent organisational skills to ensure prompt restoration of the customer’s property. Head Office will instruct and manage reliable contractors, leaving you free to concentrate on meeting your customers’ needs.

  1. Consciousness


The Financial Conduct Authority maintains a close watch on the management of insurance claims to ensure that professionalism and adherence to regulations are upheld. As your trusted partner, Concept Claim Solutions are committed to providing unwavering support to make the claims process as seamless as possible. It is imperative that you maintain meticulous and accurate records, and act with utmost integrity throughout the entire process.


  1. Drive & Motivation


Having a genuine passion for helping others can truly impact your success as a franchise owner. It provides the drive to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. Though starting a business requires a lot of dedication, selecting the right franchise can ensure positive results. With hard work, your persistence will ultimately lead to great rewards.

If Concept Claim Solutions aligns with your personal skills, we strongly urge you to explore the abundant benefits that come with being a franchise partner. You’ll not only have the chance to positively impact people’s lives, but you’ll also have the potential to reap substantial financial rewards.

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