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Conexus Tuition Franchising Limited

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Conexus Tuition offers small group private tutoring for children, in community based locations. As an approved Tuition Partner on the DFE’s National Tutoring Programme, we also support schools by delivering bespoke, targeted packages of tuition to students across Key Stage 1-4.

Conexus Tuition was founded in 2012 by Sharon Cawley. Sharon was an experienced teacher of English and Head Of Year, with a career in mainstream secondary schools that spanned twenty years. Upon leaving the classroom, Sharon began tutoring on a one to one basis around her kitchen table, but soon found that demand had grown to the point where she was able to open her first church hall venue, delivering small group tuition with a team of specialist tutors around her.

In September 2019, with over two hundred students receiving tuition weekly, the franchise was launched with a small Head Office based in Warrington.

Conexus Tuition is a teacher-led franchise business. All of our franchisees are former or current teachers, who share common values and are aligned in our desire to provide the very best quality education for the young people in our care. Holding on to the very best parts of our roles as teachers allows us to never lose sight of the very reasons that brought us into a profession and sector of which we are so proud to be a part of. We understand the value of education and our deep connection to our vocation means we understand the challenges in schools, the pressures in classrooms and parents desire to get the best for their children.

As a growing brand, we currently have a network of twenty four franchises within England. We operate within a sector which continues to grow, with 30% of pupils in 2021/22 reporting that they have had private tuition in England at some point. In 2019, research by The Sutton Trust/IPSOS Mori estimated that total parent spending on private tuition in England was £6 billion. The National Tutoring Programme has had a significant impact on the landscape of tutoring, with 34% of secondary school leaders reporting that one to one and small group tuition was a priority for spending in 2021/22, compared to 10% in 2020 (Source: The Sutton Trust ‘Tutoring – The New Landscape’, published March 2023).

Our vision is to become the UK’s leading teacher-led tuition provider, ensuring that all young people can benefit from the opportunities that tuition provides. We want to grow our network of franchisees who understand that education is, in fact, the launchpad for a young person to take off on a journey of what is possible, often exceeding their own expectations of what can be achieved.


Every new franchisee requires training and support that covers the business model and the strategies, systems and processes that form our method.

Training and support is an ongoing process. As the franchisor, we are clear in our obligation to provide franchisees with initial training, ongoing training and ongoing support. This does not mean running your business for you, but it does mean that you have access to a range of training opportunities and support mechanisms to help you.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Conexus Tuition Franchise Model is that you join an established network of franchisees who have been, or are on, the same journey as you. Our network of franchisees have been successfully onboarded following a rigorous selection process which ensure that we have a team who understand and subscribe to our vision and long term goals; who embody our culture and who are committed to working with young people in education.

There is a complete framework of support that provides the foundations for our franchisees to establish their businesses and to achieve growth.

This framework begins during the onboarding process, with step by step support to establish your business and to develop your understanding of the business opportunity. This includes online training modules in our own dedicated platform, alongside externally provided training for key safeguarding elements including Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Lead certification and First Aid training.

Initial training takes place at our Head Office and is an intensive two day programme, focused on business planning, goal setting, marketing, software and systems.

Additional training modules are accessed at the point of need as the business launches and grows, targeted to different aspects of the activities that a franchisee needs to complete. Our online modules are reviewed regularly and new modules added to meet the needs of the network and changes in our processes or the world of tutoring generally.

Fortnightly ‘Best Practice’ meetings are held on Zoom for franchisees to discuss aspects of running the business and to benefit from support, advice and guidance from within the network and from the Head Office team. These sit alongside monthly network meetings to provide updates on developments within the business or outside that may impact upon franchisees.

All franchisees have access to a specific set of Operations Manuals, which define the expectations, systems and processes that form Conexus Tuition Method. These manuals sit alongside a dedicated Knowledge Base and Help Desk system, which is manned by our Head Office team.

Additional bespoke training is coordinated based on the needs of individual franchisees, small groups or the whole network. For example, at the point where a franchisee takes on the management of a National Account Contract, training will be provided in relation to how to manage this within our software system.

Finally, we hold an Annual Conference for our franchisees, with training, workshops and key note speakers, alongside opportunities to network in person with other franchisees and the Head Office team.

What will I do as a Franchisee

The Conexus Tuition Franchise is a flexible model and provides the opportunity and scope to engage in a range of tuition based activities.

Our Core Model is focused on working with parents and young people to provide small group tuition in local venues. Many of our franchisees also engage with schools through our status as an approved Tuition Partner on the National Tutoring Programme or through direct links to schools within their territory.

One of the key factors for franchisees is being able to balance the demands of their daily lives with their family with the activities that are fundamental to the growth and success of their business. Being ‘present’ is something that holds great value for our franchisees.

There is no such thing as a typical day, but this gives a flavour of what types of activity are involved on a day to day basis for our franchisees:

  • School run with the children
  • Personal time – go for a walk, meet with a friend of coffee, do some exercise
  • Check calendar events and tasks or ‘to – do’ list and prioritise what needs to be done
  • Admin tasks including:
    – Responding to enquiries from parents
    – Social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms
    – Check the peer network support platform, respond to posts from fellow franchisees
    – Support other Conexus franchisees by liking / sharing / commenting on their social media content
    – Parent invoicing
    – Tutor payments
    – Responding to Head Office emails / requests for information
  • Prepare resources for tuition classes
  • Open the venue and set up for the session
  • Meet and greet tutors and provide any updates / information needed e.g. new children starting
  • Meet and greet parents and children
  • Coordinate the tuition session, having an overview of engagement and praising student ‘wins’
  • Check in with tutors to gather feedback
  • Feedback to parents at the end of the session
  • Check that all registers and safeguarding logs have been submitted for the session
  • Head back home for an evening meal with the family
  • Hop on to Zoom for a Best Practice session with the network

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