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Founded in 1963 and with nearly 60 years in franchising, today Dyno operates a national network of 60 franchises, providing emergency cover in the home for drains and plumbing as well as servicing many national contracts.

As a well-established franchisor owned by British Gas, Dyno was well placed to support its franchisees during the recent economic challenges and the regulatory changes that have impacted the industry. You would be joining a highly resilient enterprise infrastructure.

Naturally, the scale of the business, strong customer base and resources of British Gas are key elements, but franchising is a partnership, and it is the passion, agility and commitment of Dyno franchisees that really made the difference. By working together and really understanding the needs of its franchises, Dyno was able to remain strong and deliver the service its customers have come to expect.

Dyno is currently almost at full capacity and is continually seeking to develop its succession plan via resales.


After nearly 60 years, Dyno has learnt a lot about supporting its franchisees adapt to change continuing to facilitate growth year on year.

Cash flow is key to a successful business, and we support our franchisees by paying them immediately for commercial jobs whilst we wait to be paid by the account on normal payment terms.  This provides instant payment on completed work and removes the risk of bad debt or slow payers.

We have partnered with external organisations to provide the very best in business advice to support our franchisees. From HR and professional business planning to financial management, Dyno provide a variety of services and training courses to ensure our franchisees have the knowledge and tools to operate their businesses effectively.

We operate number of digital platforms and marketing tools with our partners to maintain awareness of the brand and develop our workstreams.

Examples of further targeted support to lower the cost of doing business are:

  • Comprehensive Induction plan. Your Regional Team can support you with all aspects of the Dyno systems
  • Access to a personalised recruitment site with our key partner to maximise investment and minimise local recruitment risk. Local bespoke recruitment activity plans can be arranged with the provider directly at reasonable cost
  • Dedicated marketing website with flexible functionality
  • Access to the Centrica fleet insurance and public liability policies
  • Discounted telephone tariff for our franchisees
  • Access to Centrica employee benefits and discounts to help attract the talent needed to develop your franchise
  • We will enrol you in our ISO 9001 programme – this is useful for local business development and tenders etc

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Maintenance – Building, Plumbing & Gardening

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