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With over 760 FASTSIGNS® centres, operating in 10 countries, including 23 centres in the UK, our business-to-business management franchise opportunity is at the forefront of signage and visual communication technology.


FASTSIGNS helps businesses to make their statement through the use of signs and graphics and we understand that signage means so much to our customers as it’s the visual representation of their business. 

Our ‘Make Your Statement.’ brand positioning takes our signage expertise, generated by over 37 years of industry experience, to help our customers share what’s important to them, with their customers. We do this through the use of impactful signs and visual graphics. Whether a customer is looking to elevate their current brand or start from scratch, FASTSIGNS is ready to help.


As an American-owned business, FASTSIGNS operates our head office in Dallas, Texas where 150+ signage experts help deliver the FASTSIGNS model to the ever-growing network. In the UK, a dedicated team acts as a conduit to the American business and operates with the latitude to tailor all initiatives to the UK market. 


The UK support team provides business support for each area of the franchisee business including, but not limited to: 

  • planning and execution of marketing programmes
  • business planning 
  • human resource support
  • specific training for production, sales and leadership management. 

New FASTSIGNS franchisees require no previous experience in the signage industry. All they require is a willingness to learn, we provide comprehensive training to help get franchisees ready and able to provide exemplary service to their customers. 


FASTSIGNS provides 4 weeks of initial training, which comprises of:  

  • a two-week residential trip to our head office in Dallas
  • 1 week of training in a mentor centre
  • 1 week of training with a dedicated business consultant as the centre launches. 


Training continues through each calendar year and includes: 

  • weekly visits (or as required) for the business consultant team,
  • a comprehensive programme of events, including:
    • visits from our expert team in America
    • consultant-based training
    • online tutorials. 
    • full access to 24-hour online learning facilities
    • mobile device-based training feature called Gamification.

What will I do as a Franchisee

As a management franchise, our franchisees day to day activities ensure the centre runs smoothly. This could include managing team members, building relationships with customers or creating estimates and quotes. Franchisees will also liaise with our robust supplier network to maintain the stock of substrates. Franchisees may also decide to take an active role in the centre such as sales, design or work as part of the production process, depending on their skill set.  

The franchisee’s role in the business can depend on their personal skill set, if they have come from a sales background, it’s likely that they will be happy to manage the sales function, meaning they may be out on the road, proactively raising awareness of their business, speaking with customers and prospects, attending networking meetings. If this is the franchisee’s passion, upon launch we ensure that the franchisee employs expertise in design and production functions. Conversantly, if our franchisee loves design, this can be the main focus of their role and we employ sales and production capabilities.

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Premises based

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Business Services & Support

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Management Franchise



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