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No Letting Go provides specialist inventory management services and property condition reports to the residential property rental market.

The business was established in 2006 by the owners and has grown to over £1 million network turnover. We provide a range of property reporting services, such as check-in, inventory, mid term inspection, legionella and other related services that allow franchisees to enhance their earning power.

All of our property reporting is conducted on our own property software, Kaptur Inventory Pro. The software has been designed to enable the user to produce quick and concise reports in an easy to use format that is simple to follow.

We have increased to over 80 offices across the UK providing good coverage across the country, scope remains for at least a further 70.

The short-term aims are to increase the volume of national account business through franchisor activity, coupled with increasing local franchisees’ sales through proactive support and continued training; medium-term, to increase the scope of services offered to enhance franchisees’ returns; and longer term, the business is being prepared for international expansion.


Training is at the heart of the No Letting Go culture and ethos which is why we provide much more than an initial training course enabling you to prepare inventories and other property services.

We will equip you to be successful in your area from day one with the skills and knowledge to promote your business, sell the service, deliver top quality reports to your clients, recruit, train and manage inventory clerks to deliver consistent high-quality results and generally manage your business in a professional and ethical manner.

The initial training takes place over a period of around four weeks and comprises an induction over one to two weeks in the classroom covering all the basics followed by a three-week period of you working in your area both on tasks assigned by us and by marketing yourself locally, possibly with planned visits from us and continuous telephone and email contact. During this time, we will arrange visits to you in your area to assist you to launch your business and as far as possible accompany you on ‘live’ jobs. We will also require you to prepare a number of reports for submission to us for assessment.

During the initial training we will assist you to put together a personal business development strategy and identify any areas in which you may require further training or development. This will then be reinforced by participation in our ongoing training academy programme activities which will focus on developing your sales, business management and leadership skills.

What will I do as a Franchisee

The franchisee is responsible for marketing to and building relationships with clients in their area; these include letting agents, property management providers, landlords and property professionals. They will also be required to service the national contracts won by the franchisor. Initially most franchisees produce the reports themselves and quickly grow the business to a level which requires the recruitment and management of clerks to fulfil the day-to-day requirements.

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Home based

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Property Management

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Start-up Franchise



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