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Franchising is the best way of entering any market, giving you a head-start over the competition, a proven business model and a recognised brand to work under which will increase your chance of success.


In fact, a recent BFA/NatWest survey found that more than 98% of franchise businesses succeed compared to less than 40% of non-franchise start-ups. Behind all successful franchise businesses, you will find a robust level of support, experience and competitive advantages which means you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


So, what makes Rhino Surfaces special? How do we stand out from the rest of the herd?


Currently, Rhino are the ONLY resin bound franchise operation who offer training and support on every aspect of Resin bound construction, from groundworks to surface installation. We call this ‘The Full Service’. This gives potential Rhino franchisees a higher earning potential (earnings from carrying out groundworks), and a greater knowledge of the process. After all, a resin bound surface is only as good as the base it’s laid on.

An accredited approach to customer service.

The construction industry, particularly when operating in the domestic market, is renowned for poor customer service and a lack of adherence to consumer law. Rhino Surfaces are one of very few companies in the industry to have been accredited by the Government’s Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme. In addition, we are the ONLY resin bound franchise business to have received this accreditation. This not only gives our customers an unprecedented level of ‘peace of mind’, it also enables us to develop our franchisees to follow the same level of commitment to customer service standards and legal compliance – protecting both the consumer and the franchisee.


Helping the planet, one surface at a time.

The construction industry has a significant negative impact on the environment, but a Rhino Surface does the opposite.


The resin used in our surfaces is derived from a harvested plant and as such contributes to the absorption of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere, rather than adding to it like other cement-based products. Our tough, flexible bases are made from recycled tyres which would otherwise be deposited in land fill sites. Lastly, with climate change creating an increased risk of urban flooding, a resin bound construction contributes to the management of surface water by allowing rainwater to flow into the water table, making it fully SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant.


A Rhino franchisee can be proud to offer a practical surfacing solution which is sustainable and kinder to the planet. 


 A product in demand.

Resin bound surfaces have wowed customers across the UK for many years because they boast many advantages over traditional surfacing products. They’re permeable – helping mitigate the problems caused by urban flooding, weed resistant, slip resistant, structurally resistant to freeze-thaw, and because only natural stone is used in our surfaces, there is no artificial colour to fade away. But, to boast these benefits they must be installed correctly.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Supporting your journey

With over 16 years’ experience in installing resin bound surfaces, there isn’t a problem that we haven’t faced and solved. We have transferred this knowledge and experience into the most comprehensive ‘full service’ training and support programme available in the UK right now.


We will teach you every aspect of a successful installation including groundworks, base installation and resin surface installation. Each franchisee will be trained on our unique ‘mock property’ – a 30 square metre live space where you’ll learn to:


  • Survey the area
  • Create impactful designs and professional quotations
  • Test for services
  • Excavate to depth
  • Create edging detail, steps and replace drain covers
  • Install ground stabilising solutions
  • Correctly lay and compact sub-bases
  • Mix and lay bases
  • Mix and lay the final surface


A unique approach

In addition to the above practical aspects, you’ll learn the all-important theory behind resin bound surfacing.


We are incredibly proud of the support we offer, as we’ve used our extensive experience to create a franchise package that makes your life easier. Including, a bespoke CRM system that will calculate every aspect of the job for you, from quantities to costs. Which will automatically write a comprehensive, professional quotation which complies with current consumer law – protecting both you and your customer.


A dedicated and experienced field and admin support department which allows us to carry out site training for you and your team, business development and logistics support.


If all of that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have:


  • An exclusive territory of your choosing
  • High quality marketing and promotional materials
  • First year local advertising designed and paid for centrally (social media and hardcopy)
  • National marketing campaigns
  • Business and practical mentoring from a dedicated franchise team
  • Exclusive and extensive discounts on materials and tools (cost price)
  • Access to the innovation that is Rhino

Key Information

Start-Up Cost:

£18,500 + VAT

Franchise Type:

Premises based

Sector Type:

Maintenance – Building, Plumbing & Gardening

Investment Type:

Start-up Franchise


B2B & B2C

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