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Right at Home provides one-to-one homecare visits that support people to live independently, and with dignity, in their own homes.

It takes a very special group of people to create a homecare business that’s ranked as a leader by:

  • Clients & families: the UK’s highest rated national homecare group on the country’s largest care review website, homecare.co.uk.
  • The regulator: 34% of CQC-inspected Right at Home branches are rated Outstanding, against a national average of 3% of homecare providers
  • Its franchisees: 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction for 10 consecutive years in independent franchisee surveys – one of just four UK franchises to achieve this, with no other care brand coming close


It’s the kind of reputation that can only be achieved when a franchisor’s leadership and passionate support teams work seamlessly with a collaborative, engaged network of like-minded franchisees.

And that can only happen when all stakeholders in the business share the same values, from CareGivers to managers and from founder to franchisees.

Culture and Values

Right at Home’s franchise vision is established and clear: only award franchises to a handful of people annually that share the same ethos, passion, values and culture…

… and then give them the business model, tools, belief and support to build a homecare business that becomes the provider and recruiter of choice in their local communities.

This values-based approach has helped create a tight-knit group of like-minded franchisees, who share a common goal – to be the UK’s most trusted homecare business.

Franchisees also share three guiding principles along with the franchisor:

  • Integrity and excellence are everything
  • Profitability comes from being the very best at what we do
  • Leaders are approachable, accountable and collaborative


A franchisee perspective is sought in every key strategic decision, a participative approach that ensures everyone in the network has a voice and feels heard.

Quality of Care

Right at Home franchisees are genuine, humble, proud, committed and ALL insist on their teams delivering the absolute highest quality of service to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Quality means person-centred homecare that’s based on dignity and longer visiting times. It means CareGivers building a meaningful relationship with the Clients they help. It means treating CareGivers with the respect and importance they merit for the incredible job they do.

And it means giving franchise owners the framework, guidance and systems to help them run a business that can do all the above, and much more.

Going the extra mile is the standard at Right at Home, not ‘extra’.

Quality of Franchisees

Right at Home is about the right people, not the most people. We only award franchises to people we believe will succeed, people who share our values and passion; fewer than 1% of enquirers eventually go on to own a franchise.

You’ll understand why we’re highly selective – people’s lives literally depend on it.

To start a franchise with us, you need to be:

  • Passionate about delivering exceptional quality care and service
  • A ‘people person’ with the drive to build, inspire and lead a strong team
  • Aligned with our culture, ethos and values
  • Excited about being part of a close-knit network of like-minded business owners
  • Highly driven and well-prepared for the challenges of opening a new business



We recognise that the vast majority of our franchisees do not have prior care sector experience. We draw on our experience of having helped dozens of people go into business, sharing best practice, minimising delays and helping you avoid unnecessary spending.

We’ve also secured group agreements with key partners and suppliers and devised a detailed task checklist for you to follow.

Getting off to the right start

Our RightStart initial induction programme gives detailed and tailored support as you set up your business, recruit a Registered Manager and obtain regulatory registration. It’s the beginning of the trust and collaboration that will be the cornerstone of our working relationship.

The result is that you have the potential to grow more quickly, reach break-even sooner, and move into profit at the earliest opportunity.

The RightStart programme delivers training and tailored support in all aspects of running your business, including:

  • Setting up your new company
  • Business planning and financial management
  • Finding and securing the right office premises
  • A detailed understanding of the business and your role in it
  • Applying for registration with the regulator (varies between UK constituent countries)
  • The Right at Home approach to person-centred care delivery
  • Recruiting your Care Manager and CareGiver team
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies and laws
  • Marketing and business growth
  • Your website, social media profiles and Search Engine Optimisation
  • A tailored support plan and detailed start-up task tracker
  • Regular communication with the RightStart support team at National Office


“Right at Home has built a team with specialist skills and experience in all areas of business and franchising. As a network, they have achieved consistently high returns, backed by stand-out performances in key areas such as compliance and client and employee satisfaction.”

Pip Wilkins, CEO, British Franchise Association

Ongoing support

Just as our franchisees and their CareGivers go the extra mile every day, so do we at National Office. The result is exceptional consistency of franchisee success.

Throughout your journey with Right at Home, you’ll continue to benefit from comprehensive support from our team as well as your peers. Our focus is keeping your focus on what really matters: running and scaling a successful business delivering outstanding quality care in your local  community.

The importance we place on collaboration helps you achieve your business and personal goals, with ongoing guidance including:

  • Regular personal reviews and mentoring from Ken and Lucy
  • Dedicated compliance support to help you keep on top of any changes to regulations
  • Expert advice from our national support team
  • Quarterly refresher training options
  • Marketing campaigns and collateral to help you grow
  • Network-wide, subject-specific training
  • Regional meetings, forums and online peer support platforms
  • Two-day national conference annually, for owners and Care Managers
  • Internal and external business awards to encourage and inspire all owners


As well as regular reviews, our team are available via phone or email to help with any questions on every aspect of running your business.

What will I do as a Franchisee

That old cliché of no two days being the same? As a care business owner, you’ll learn exactly why it’s a cliché!

Relationship-building and people are the key pillars franchisees focus on. You’ll be managing your own local office, which includes building, leading and inspiring a team of passionate people, overseeing day-to-day operations, co-ordinating with your Registered Manager, and meeting Clients to ensure they are receiving the best possible care.

Right at Home owners also drive business development, connecting with their community through referral partnerships, or hosting community events to support vulnerable adults and provide a better understanding of illnesses like dementia.

Follow our CQC Outstanding-rated North Cheshire and Leigh franchisee, Julie Houston, through a typical day as a Right at Home franchise owner…

8am – I arrive between 7-8am, we get lots of early morning calls, so we need good capacity to respond. I employ a registered manager who oversees care delivery, but I like to stay close to operations, making sure she is well supported.

9am – We identify daily priorities and review outcomes from earlier in the week during our daily meeting. We also identify and training or communication needs a review the weekly care schedules.

11am – Alongside my team, we review support packages, carry out caregiver supervisions and audit files, checking medication records and communication log, for example. This aspect of the day is hugely important due to operating in a heavily regulated industry.

12pm – We are extremely responsive, finding the right caregivers is essential to the business. So, we will follow up on job enquiries immediately, but I’ll also block off time each day to focus on recruitment marketing and strategy.

1pm – I take at least 30 minutes a day to myself, going for a walk or calling someone not involved in the business. We encourage carers to call in whenever they have spare time, having expanded the office to include some social space for them to relax. This is really important when building a good team culture.

2pm – Most days, I’ll have a meeting focussed on business development. This is where being part of a franchise really helps – it opens doors and gives you confidence because you have brand values and an established identity from day one.

4pm – I come back to the office, a late afternoon could involve pricing packages, completing contracts, invoices and tracking financials. If we’re in need, it’s not unusual for me to roll my sleeves up and deliver a care shift. I think it’s important for me to be involved in every area of the business when needed.

Evening – I’ll spend some time on social media. In the early days, I’d also have the ‘on call’ phone. I found it hard to switch off and always wanted to be contactable; I’m aware we have carers out at all times. I continue to build a strong team to share that responsibility. I’m loving seeing the business grow, giving people jobs and treating them well, and seeing the impact that our services have on clients and their families – its all enormously rewarding.

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