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Use your skills and experience to create a recurring six-figure income through your own consulting practice. Join a network of driven, like-minded high-achievers and build a scalable consulting business with minimal overheads and almost unlimited potential.

Your Sandler consultancy will help clients resolve critical issues in:

– Sales
– Business development
– Leadership
– Customer service

Enjoy the rewards of driving lasting measurable improvement for your clients.

The Sandler System has been working for more than 40 years and now has 250 franchisees across the world.

Sandler do more than show you how to grow a successful business: throughout your journey as a franchisee, an active structure is provided to encourage you to continually stretch your boundaries and fulfil your personal development goals.

“Sandler’s ongoing support and personal development programme have given me every opportunity to build my business into a highly successful and sustainable income.” Nigel Dunand – Sandler franchisee.


Get underway with our pre-training programme before attending the initial residential training programme held at Sandler HQ in Baltimore.

Our fast track launch programme is designed to assist you to generate client income within 90 days following your opening date.

Ongoing in-territory support from UK HQ is combined with guidance from your fellow franchisees.

Uniquely, there is also an ongoing active personal development programme with conferences held every two months; three in the UK and three in the USA.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Sandler franchisees apply the Sandler System to attract their own business and then deliver these very same techniques to benefit their new found clients!

“Inspire people to look forward and employ techniques to grow their businesses out of the recession. Businesses have cut costs for the past 5 years – the way forward is to attract more business, which is exactly where the Sandler System comes in…” Chris Davies – Sandler franchisee.

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Business Consultancy, Services & Support

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Start-up Franchise



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