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Snack in the Box is a Vending Franchise working in association with Mars and other well-known brands to supply a fantastic range of popular confectionery and drinks products into workplaces of all sizes.

Becoming a SITB has 50+ franchisees across the UK; delivering snack products and drinks to small and medium businesses, in their own exclusive territory.

Franchisees are responsible for a local territory of customers such as offices, showrooms, factories, warehouses, retail outlets etc. Each customer has a vending machine or snack box on their site which Franchisees visit and refill each week. Circa 25 customers are visited each and Franchisees make their money via the through-put of product.

The business model is a simple one to follow and our Franchisees are typically servicing their customer base for around 35 hours per week.

We provide a guaranteed customer based from ‘day one’ and then continue to support our Franchisees in the field via engineering, operational and sales managers.


Our initial training is always one-on-one between the Franchisee and Franchisor. It consists of a 2 days training course, during which the Franchisee will be trained on systems, daily operations, vending machines and most importantly ‘Sales’.

Within the first two weeks of class room training we then provide field training, particularly focusing on sales and vending machines.

Additional training can be provided to Franchisees throughout the term of their Franchise.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Our Franchisees tend to have ‘set’ days of customer visits (i.e. the same customers are visited on Monday, Tuesday etc….).

Prior to leaving their premises (normal their home) Franchisees load their van full of stock and drive to each customer and simply replenish the stock within the equipment and collect cash from the equipment. A typical day consists of visiting around 25 customers.

At the end of each day Franchisees unload their van and prepare stock for the following day.

Outside of the ‘day-to-day’ servicing Franchisees will need to order stock on a weekly basis, complete the weekly SITB reporting paperwork and spend time marketing their business – SITB is able to assist in the area of marketing via field and Head Office support.

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