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Fred DeLuca opened his first sandwich restaurant back in 1965 the US state of Connecticut at the age of only 17 to help finance his studies. His Guests shared his love for freshly made sandwiches and with growing demand he decided to make his concept available to other Entrepreneurs through the franchising model. That was the beginning of the largest fast food chain in the World.

Today, there are approximately 40,000 Subway restaurants in more than 110 Countries worldwide. The first Subway® opened in the UK back in 1996 and today we have approximately 2,300 restaurants nationwide. Subway boasts a long history as a family run organisation but also has a bright future ahead.


All new franchise partners take part in a three-week franchise partner training, two weeks of which are completed as intensive training in a regional, certified training restaurant.

Store count dependant during the opening, a consultant will accompany the opening for one week and also support the induction of the employees. In addition, the training centre in London offers the operations lead a deep drive into running your Subway,

With the University of SUBWAY – a comprehensive e-learning system – all employees of the franchisee have access which houses all the Subway resources, making it easy to track your teams training.

What will I do as a Franchisee

As a Subway franchisee you can find yourself doing a whole variety of tasks from accounting, running a payroll and employment law, to working in the store, baking bread and completing stock control.

Mastering all aspects of your business, from behind the counter and serving customers, to managing the everyday running of the store, is invaluable.

It’s important you know your franchise, your market, local community and competitors.

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Premises based

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Food & Drink

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Start-up Franchise



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