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The Massage Company

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Revolutionising a market isn’t easy – but it’s certainly rewarding, in every sense.

After more than 25 years each in the spa sector, building and selling multimillion-pound businesses and leading some of the industry’s biggest organisations, TMC founders Elliot and Charlie noticed something exciting.

Massage was delivered in dedicated spas and upmarket hotels, and that left a huge opportunity in the market – convenience.

They thought: what if massage was affordable and accessible to everyone?

But they quickly discovered other people didn’t always share their vision – when they looked for a site for our first centre, landlords wouldn’t give them credit for the concept. It took 18 months to find a property!

It didn’t take nearly as long to prove the doubters firmly wrong.

The Massage Company’s first centre opened in Camberley in 2016 and was immediately successful. Demand quickly outstripped supply, and we knew that our revolution had begun.

Our first franchised centres swiftly replicated our original success. Having created the emerging market sector for accessible and affordable massage in Surrey, we’ve now seen the same rapid growth in every location where a franchisee has opened their centre.

With care and wellness firmly embedded in UK culture, demand is consistently high. That means exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs.

By giving consumers what they want – and the order books prove we do – you can build a portfolio of lucrative massage centres with the market leader in the sector, and take your pick of the prime territories.

We’ve created an emerging market in the exciting and in-demand wellness sector by offering people consistently high-quality massages where they want them, when they want them. We call it bringing massage to the mainstream, and it’s proven to be popular and lucrative.

If you can see the same opportunity we can, we look forward to speaking with you about joining the revolution.


Our expert team supports you in every aspect of growing your centre(s), including:

  • Business growth: proven marketing and development strategies to grow and dominate your local market for high-quality massage
  • Recruiting staff: we help you hire the best people to deliver the best customer experience, throughout the lifespan of your franchise
  • Training your team: we train all your therapists to the exacting standards that we and our clients expect from them
  • Finding customers: our in-house Sales & Marketing service aims to generate 250+ new customers every month and bolsters your local marketing activity
  • Infrastructure: the tools, systems and experience built up over many years to help you run your business efficiently and effectively, maximising your returns


You’ll enjoy a full suite of pre-opening, launch and post-opening support from our dedicated experts – with support for both you and your teams.

The Massage Company Academy: Meeting Your Staffing Needs

TMC plans to have 150 centres open throughout the country by 2030, providing an industry-leading place to work for approximately 3,000 professional massage therapists.

This will absorb a large chunk of the massage market, and requires the training of hundreds of new best-in-class therapists.

With this in mind, The Massage Company Training Academy was born – quickly becoming the gold standard in massage education.

Launched in January 2022, The Massage Company Training Academy offers an initial bespoke six-week course. It has been meticulously designed to not only equip those enrolled with the expert skills and knowledge to become a fully qualified massage therapist, but also deliver unparalleled treatments to our clients.

The course was created by industry pioneer John Holman, our Director of Massage Training, who is recognised worldwide as one of the most foremost massage experts, with over 30 years of experience.

It is then delivered by Charlie Russell, a hugely experienced and talented massage therapist who is TMC’s training manager.

The hands-on course has been very carefully curated, ensuring the delivery of world-class treatments. To this end, John and Charlie ensured the Training Academy is fully internationally accredited and recognised – giving those who qualify fantastic career options, not least within The Massage Company’s growing franchise network.

For franchisees, that means they can rely on a steady stream of fully qualified, professional massage therapists who meet The Massage Company’s industry-leading quality standards coming through to meet their business needs.

That’s just one of the many ways we work tirelessly to help you stretch your business goals.

What will I do as a Franchisee

This is a lucrative business that flexes to your situation and ambition, with two routes in depending on the type of business you’re looking to run.

As an Owner-Operator, you lead from the front and run your own centre. You’ll be the face of your business and onsite daily. If you like personally meeting and greeting customers and managing a team, this is a hugely rewarding business with a highly varied daily life, from building community links to marketing, strategy, people management and so much more.

As an Owner-Investor, you can start a chain of centres and either put in your own people, or contract our executive leadership team to run the business for you. If you’re looking to grow your portfolio of business interests, you’ll find this multi-site financial model highly attractive.

Key Information

Start-Up Cost:

£170,000 + funding

Franchise Type:

Premises based

Sector Type:

Health & Wellbeing

Investment Type:

Management Franchise



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