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UK Growth Coach

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– Joined 2023

If you have experience in owning, running or managing an SME business, and are looking at the ways you can take your experience and help others to benefit from it, you’ll be our kind of person.

At UK Growth Coach, we believe that high-class coaching support can make all the difference for business owners who have ambition and passion for their role, but also lack some knowledge, experience, confidence, or capability in how to do it brilliantly.

Our purpose as a team of coaches is to make the “business of business ownership simpler” and to help those who are great at what they do, become great owners too.

We are passionate about this purpose, as the outcomes of delivering on it mean creating better lives for the owners, their teams, their clients, their suppliers and everyone else who benefits from having a successful company in their community.

Our franchise may be relatively new, but it is founded upon years of experience in the sector, and a proven, successful model. The franchisors are enthusiastic, committed, and driven…and we want to help you succeed too!

Whilst many franchised coaching organisations require substantial investment to join, to become part of our franchised network of coaches requires just £18,000 of initial investment – inclusive of the training fee.

We have purposefully kept our entry fee accessible, as we know there are many great coaches who deserve the opportunity, and want to get started without needing to remortgage to do it!

What is far more important to us than the money is that the fit is right, and that you will be a great addition to our team. With that in mind, you can expect some detailed interviews and should come prepared to show us what you can offer.

If we all feel there is a good match between you, us, and the franchise offering, we’ll be pleased to welcome you.

Our franchise offering includes 8 days of market-leading induction training, which has been developed by a successful coach, who also has an extensive background in developing adult educational courses.

Our marketing and sales support materials have been designed by our very own sister company (a successful marketing agency) based on the input of our franchisor coaches who are successful in their own right. These assets include a well optimised, professionally created website, brochures, business cards and a host of digital resources too.

Our coaching toolbox includes ten folders covering different areas of business ownership or company development, and literally dozens of tools, presentations, workbooks, visuals, videos and more to help you serve clients.

As a franchise, our aim is to build to a network of 100 coaches across the UK, and we’re now actively looking for the right people to join us on that exciting journey!


The training to become a UK Growth Coach is intensive but balanced. It has been designed by a qualified adult educator, and is intended to start with the basics and build up to the more complex topics sequentially – meaning that the experience of learning is less stressful and more enjoyable.

The 8 days of initial training is normally delivered in two sets of four days, during normal office hours, at venues close to our headquarters in Sussex.

Topics covered include:

• Franchise overview
• Responsibilities of franchisors
• Responsibilities of franchisees
• Purpose, mission and values
• Target audiences for each service
• Core concepts – progression, star, and profit flow
• UKGC 1:2:1 coaching services
• UKGC Group coaching services
• UKGC Training services
• Coaching toolkit overview
• North Star meetings and long-haul planning
• Short-haul planning sessions
• Goal defining and documenting
• 1:2:1 coaching sessions – structure and delivery tips
• Profit Hunter workshop series
• Marketing your coaching business
• Your launch marketing plan
• Selling your coaching services
• Core client topics, tools and coaching approaches
• Brand management and central resources
• Your website (guidance on set-up and use)
• Business valuation concepts
• Business valuation drivers and support strategies
• Business sale mechanism and partners
• Succession planning

Upon starting your franchise business, you will also be assigned a mentor coach, who will work with you on a monthly basis to help you develop yourself, your skills, and also to act as a sounding board for your ideas, and to support you with client coaching queries.

In addition, your franchisors provide a quarterly support call or visit, and also an annual training event for all coaches in the network.

In short, you’ll not be light on guidance, training or support!

What will I do as a Franchisee

At UK Growth Coach you’ll enjoy the varied and fun work of supporting business owners to succeed!

A normal working day will include a mix of marketing and promotional activity such as business networking, emails, using LinkedIn and delivering example presentations. This will be interspersed with a mix of either business review style sales meetings, or coaching service delivery, depending on how full your diary is with billable work already.

Your work with clients will be equally varied, but will comprise working with owners of companies within your territory on a range of role related challenges and opportunities. You’ll be helping them define their plans and goals, create and embed their culture and values, develop and better understand their financials, advance their profit flow strategies, create or refine marketing and sales approaches and skills, learn how to systemise, and manage their numbers more effectively, and engage their team to allow them to perform to their potential.

…and you’ll do all of those things and more within the core principle of moving companies through the phases of development.

These include:

The start-up challenges
The advancement to growth and scaling
The development of an organisation that can run owner independent
The creation and recognition of value for exit, or the enablement of owner succession.

As you can see, it’s rarely a dull day as a business coach, and there is huge variety in the support service you will provide to clients.

When done well, it is hugely rewarding, and it’s worth noting that you genuinely have the chance to make peoples lives better and to help them change the trajectory of their business.

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