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Valenta offers customised solutions in four main areas including consulting, digital transformation, staff augmentation and training. All services are designed to assist businesses to improve competence and performance, whilst reducing costs. Businesses operating in fiercely competitive markets require a competitive advantage, and we are able to provide them with this through Valenta’s vast knowledge and quickly accessible resources.

Valenta is a B2B franchise providing specialist services to clients across all industries and sectors via the following 4 verticals:

  • Consulting: A myriad of service offerings including process optimisation, digital implementations, cost efficiencies, client management, HR, financial crime, etc.
  • Digital Transformation: Automation of a wide range of tasks for clients using the latest tools in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  
  • Staff Augmentation: The provision of specialist and skilled staff across offshore service centres in India, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe (under development)
  • Training: Customised training and development modules for clients

As a Franchise Partner you will have the opportunity to apply your business acumen and client management prowess coupled with the tools and training we provide to build a highly lucrative business for yourself with both recurring and one-time income sources.

However, unlike any other business franchise, the Valenta Franchise offers the opportunity to work on your business rather than in it! What that means is that while you can start as the only person in your franchise operation, overtime you should be able to build a business potentially generating a high six figure income even when you decide to take a break and/or hand more of the day-to-day to your staff.

Working with small, medium and large sized enterprises, you will be able to deliver increased efficiencies, cost savings and processes, streamlining your clients’ business. Valenta’s cutting edge service offering is designed to help transform businesses and enhance competitive advantage for B2B clients. Valenta allows automation and outsourcing of non-differentiated parts of our clients’ business so that they can focus on differentiation and adding value to their end-clients.

You will work closely with your clients to understand their needs, identify gaps and implement efficient business solutions while working in tandem with specialists and subject matter experts from Valenta. Valenta will deliver the operations and subject matter expertise, allowing you to focus on business development, client management and growing your business.

Benefits of a Valenta Franchise

  • Diversified Product Suite: Increase client touch points and minimise risk by offering a myriad of services across 4 verticals which have a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of over £1 trillion+
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Earn both one-time and recurring revenue as a Franchise Partner. This provides income protection even when you aren’t working.
  • Globally Proven Model: Valenta franchises are successfully operating in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Leverage the experience of a vast network of Franchise Partners across the globe.
  • Recession Proof: Valenta services are suitable for all business of any size and any industry. This makes Valenta relevant irrespective of the economic cycle.
  • No Operations Hassle: Because Valenta predominantly handles all operations, you can focus on building your business, clients’ and revenue base.
  • Unmatched Support: Leverage various in-house resources and specialists including a dedicated Business Coach, our world-class Marketing team, our global partner network and our Senior Leadership Team.
  • Training on absolutely everything: We provide comprehensive training (both in-house and external industry leading certifications) on all aspects of business, as well as ongoing support to ensure success.
  • Annual Conference: An excellent opportunity to meet the global team, share best practices and updates. The 2022 conference is in Las Vegas!

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Franchisees do not need any specific qualifications or prior experience in consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing, as our team will deliver the operations. Our franchisees bring with them a ‘can do’ attitude, adherence to high ethical standards, client centricity and ideally some experience in dealing with B2B clients.

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We provide you with comprehensive training to commence business, and ongoing support to ensure success. You do not need any specific qualifications in process consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing, as our team will deliver operations. We embrace a team culture where established, proven methodologies are adopted and shared.

Initial Training

We conduct one-on-one training with franchisees providing you with the knowledge and skills to grow your business. During this orientation a business plan and marketing program is established, facilitating your industry specialisation.

Ongoing Support

Various resources are available to our franchisees to ensure ongoing success including a dedicated Business Coach and world-class Marketing specialists; along with quarterly business planning with the leadership team and an annual conference.

What will I do as a Franchisee

You will be working with small, medium and enterprise sized firms; leveraging your current professional network, and building new relationships through direct marketing, networking events and other means.

Your role is to identify gaps within these businesses and recommend strategies to improve efficiencies.

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Business Consultancy, Services & Support

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Management Franchise



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