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A Care Franchise Different from all others

The only care franchise that adopts a carer-centric philosophy, making sure that caregivers are looked after so they can help those most in need. Visiting Angels was established in the US in 1998 and is a global care giant with community-based values. Today, the home care franchise is one of the largest care franchises in America and proudly supports 850+ franchisees across five countries.

Visiting Angels proudly acknowledges its approach to business is different to anything you’ll have seen in the franchise care space until now. In addition to being carer centric, the model isn’t based on building a network of hundreds of franchisees.

Visiting Angels believe in quality over quantity.

Visiting Angels challenges the status quo and creates an opportunity for caregivers and clients alike to benefit from a new kind of care company. In doing so, franchisees will create commercially successful businesses that change the lives of everyone involved. To truly be successful in this pursuit, and to change the future of social care in the UK, it’s imperative to put carers at the heart of the business. For without them, there is no business.

Visiting Angels recognises that its business model and Carer-Centric Values are working to tackle two of the biggest problems faced by business owners in this sector – recruitment and retention.

By keeping these Carer centric values at the centre, Visiting Angels in the UK has built a network of franchisees across the country and has maintained an exceptional staff retention rate.


You will actively engage in a four-day virtual training session with the International Franchise Support team based at the US Head Office. Each session will be led by a team member who specialises in that business discipline. Training is fast-paced and thorough, so you’re encouraged to participate, ask plenty of questions and make the most of your time with our experts!

Things we cover:
1. Caregiver recruitment and retention
2. Sales and marketing
3. Networking
4. Handling enquiries and overcoming objections
5. Understanding care requirements.
6. Meeting the team in the US is also about building relationships and meeting your international colleagues. Camaraderie is a big part of our culture – when we say we’re a franchise family, we mean it!
7. The UK system and your business

The UK leg of the training is a five-day residential course at our UK Head Office. Our Pilot Franchise team, including Managing Director, Dan Archer, will take you step-by step through all aspects of running the Visiting Angels franchise in the UK. This same team has been running the Sheffield office – recently recognised as the network’s most successful international office – since 2017. So, they know what they’re taking about!

This intensive training course covers:
1. UK care operation
2. legislation and CQC Systems
3. procedures for Client Assessments
4. Care Plan production and Review
5. Recruitment and retention of caregivers Staff and care visit scheduling
6. Company policies and procedures
7. Accounts and payroll: invoicing, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations and VAT returns
8. Sales and marketing: territory demographics, launch marketing plan, networking, launch PR planning, Pay-Per-Click, and print advertising.

Knowledge for life

We don’t believe in training you once and sending you on your way. Our industry is complex, and our standards are high. We provide regular, ongoing training for the life of your franchise.

A combination of e-learning, live webinars, group, and one-to-one sessions provide a comprehensive programme, designed to help you to be the best business owner you can be. Our ongoing training programme includes:
1. Regulatory and compliance refresher courses
2. Legislation: changes, updates, and best practice
3. Condition-led seminars for Dementia, Stroke and Learning Disabilities
4. PR, Marketing and Business Development
5. Seasonal planning and forecasting

What will I do as a Franchisee

Nicky Sealey – Managing Director, Visiting Angels North Shropshire.

Nicky has been managing director of Visiting Angels North Shropshire since February 2022. She was a registered manager for another care provider and thought that there was still more work to be done. After finding Visiting Angels online because of an extensive research, spoke with Dan (Archer, MD of Visiting Angels UK) via email and WhatsApp and arranged to meet at National Office. The carer-centric ethos matched her vision of what she wanted to achieve, and the rest is history.

Having worked in the care industry for the last 15 years, Nicky had seen the state of care and caregivers in the society first hand. She felt that change in the social care sector is needed and believes it could be brought upon through the carer centric approach of Visiting angels

Initial training for Nicky at VA was thorough and there was a lot to learn. There is ongoing support from the area managers and the entire head office team, whenever needed.

Talking about the business performance and a typical day, Nicky said, “We are achieving our care hour goals with 100% retention, so we are getting good at being carer centric! No two days are the same! It’s fast paced, there are tears of sadness and joy, a satisfaction I have not known in any other sector.”

Nicky plans to grow every year and be the employer of choice locally by being carer centric and putting her carers first.

Since launching her Visiting Angels Franchise, life just got busier for Nicky as she moved to a rural part of Shropshire from Essex where she is surrounded by beautiful views and a fantastic community – “VA gave us the chance to do that, to move on to work for ourselves and create a better environment for everyone!”

When asked if she would recommend anyone to be a part of the Visiting Angels network, Nicky said- “Think about what you’re doing, think hard, plan for a busy time, it’s not all tea and cake, be prepared to fully invest and support your team, you will eat, live, breathe and sleep Visiting Angels – but there’s nothing better or more rewarding! “

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