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About Tech4T

Tech4T is a data analytics company specialising in UK and global franchise territory design, location planning, and field force (sales team) optimisation.

Each bespoke solution we provide – for franchise mapping or franchise territory optimisation or any of our other location intelligence services – is underpinned by advanced demographic and customer targeting to ensure that clients’ sales are maximised.

Our industry-leading interactive mapping software is coupled with first class customer service, and we work closely with our clients to ensure their franchise territory design, sales territories, and locations are optimised for the greatest success.

About babyballet®

Founded in 2005, babyballet® is an innovative award-winning international business built on passion.

Established by mother and daughter team Claire O’Connor and Barbara Peters (a former Royal Academy of Dance examiner and an internationally renowned ballet teacher), it provides fun, educational ballet and dance classes for children aged between six months and six years old.

Each class is based on a carefully designed age appropriate syllabus developed by experts to build physical and social skills in a friendly and fun environment.

The unique concept has seen the business grow from humble beginnings to today operating across the UK, in more than 80 local franchise areas, and around the world in locations including Australia and New Zealand.

More than 20,000 children each week enjoy a babyballet® class, and the business has exciting growth plans for the future including launching new classes and franchise (and licence) territories both in the UK and overseas.

The Challenge

After taking the decision to grow the business through franchising in 2007, babyballet® faced the challenge of identifying the right locations to launch in that offered their franchisees the best opportunities for success.

These needed to be based on demographic, lifestyle, and economic data, as well as statistics on the number of families and children in each area.

To ensure this information was presented and accessible in the most concise and easy-to-use way, babyballet® turned to franchise territory design and location intelligence specialists Tech4T.

The Solution

Tech4T took the time to understand the babyballet® business and its ambitions, both in the UK and internationally, before building them a bespoke version of their industry-leading Territory Runner Location Intelligence System.

Development and enhancement of the underlying franchise mapping software involved exploring the best combination of demographic information to include and selecting the right variables relevant for babyballet®.  These were then transformed into usable data that could be surfaced and interrogated on fully interactive zoomable maps.

Initially focused just on the home market, UK Census data was selected for the system, expertly configured to show details such as the number of children by age range in each area.

The success of this led to Tech4T then integrating carefully selected demographic and location data for Australia and New Zealand into the system, making it a truly global resource with the capability to add in data for other countries when required.

Importantly, this process included creating hand drawn bespoke territories in Australia where postcode areas were found to be far too large to create optimum franchise territories

In every case, Tech4T ensured that each recommended franchise or licenced territory offered the same sales potential to each franchisee in the same country, with just a 5% variable tolerated. This means that every franchisee has the same opportunity to make their babyballet® franchise a success.

Client Benefits

The bespoke Territory Runner system created for babyballet® provides a number of benefits that enable them to maximise their franchise sales potential and further grow the business internationally. These include:

  • The ability to send franchising prospects a detailed map and robust demographics data of their proposed territory so they can see for themselves their sales potential. This includes data on how many children there are in the area, split by age bands.
  • The ability to easily see the locations and boundaries of existing and planned franchise territories and amend these when required to ensure the best coverage.
  • The ability to easily design new franchise areas based on hard data and in-built tools such as heatmapping. This visually shows in an easy-to-understand way where there are high concentrations of potential customers, as well as areas to avoid.
  • The ability to combine demographic information with street level map data from systems such as Microsoft’s Streetside to support marketing campaigns. Particularly useful when selecting the best areas within a territory for leaflet drops, Google local ads, or any other local promotional activities carried out by franchisees.
  • The ability to show potential franchisees the drive time or travel distance from any point in their territory – such as their home – to other locations in their area. This enables them to optimise their coverage and reduce the time they spend travelling between various points.
  • The ability to show detailed Ordnance Survey data when zooming into a territory on an interactive map. This provides a more granular level of detail that is helpful for franchisees who want greater understanding of their territory.
  • The ability to easily map out and optimise new franchise territories across a wide area such as a region or even a whole country based on the underlying demographics data important to the business.

Client Feedback

Harry Scott-Peters, Head of Franchise Sales and Success at babyballet®

“We love our Territory Runner system and rely on it every day. It is a huge sales feature for us, enabling us to provide potential franchisees with fantastic data that leads to a much higher franchise sales conversion rate than ever before.

“Before engaging Tech4T our conversion rate was just 4%. Today it is nearer 10% because of the information we’re able to provide.

“And the system also enables us to map out and plan new franchise territories really quickly and easily, as well as change areas if we need to. The fact that we can also export data simply and interrogate locations on the interactive maps is also vital for us and makes the system an invaluable tool.

“What’s more, Territory Runner is a system that will facilitate our international expansion. We plan to use this system as our business grows to provide potential franchisees and licensees a clear, concise, and detailed view of the exclusive territories where they intend to launch their babyballet® dance businesses.

“It is an exciting time for us and we wouldn’t be without Territory Runner and Tech4T; they have been great to work with since we engaged them in 2019 and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.”

About Territory Runner

Territory Runner is an easy-to-use online franchise territory design and management system developed to maximise productivity, increase territory sales, and optimise customer coverage. The interactive geographic visualisation of territories overlaid with any external demographic data helps maximise sales and improve territory optimisation.

Fully customisable to suit your franchise, the Territory Runner framework comprises a tailored online database integrated with Bing mapping. The system is supported by Tech4T’s experienced team delivering specialist database, analysis and territory mapping services.

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