Bodystreet Lincoln Centre’s Franchisee Wins Fitness Professional of the Year at the Lincolnshire Health & Beauty Awards 2023


Bodystreet UK, a leading fitness franchise, is delighted to announce the outstanding accomplishment of their studio, Bodystreet Lincoln Centre. Studio owner, Mariusz Kaliszewski,recently received the prestigious title of Fitness Professional of the Year at the highly esteemed Lincolnshire Health & Beauty Awards 2023. This remarkable recognition not only applauds Mariusz’s exceptional skills and expertise but also highlights the remarkable contributions made by Bodystreet in promoting health, fitness, and overall well-being within the local community. Mariusz’s well-deserved achievement is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, the Bodystreet franchise system, and his passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Excellence in Fitness:

The Fitness Professional of the Year award is a highly coveted accolade that honours individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and made significant advancements in the health and fitness industry. Mariusz Kaliszewski emerged as the deserving winner at the Lincolnshire Health & Beauty Awards 2023, showcasing his exemplary skills, knowledge, and dedication to the well-being of his clients.

Bodystreet Lincoln Centre’s Impact:

Under Mariusz’s guidance and the help of the Bodystreet UK Franchise, Bodystreet Lincoln Centre has emerged as a thriving fitness centre, known for its innovative training methodology known as EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation). Mariusz’s relentless commitment to delivering exceptional fitness training, personalised coaching, and exceptional customer service has garnered widespread praise from clients and industry professionals alike.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with an individualised approach to fitness that Bodystreet prides itself on, Mariusz has transformed the lives of numerous clients, enabling them to achieve their health and fitness goals efficiently. The supportive and inclusive environment fostered at Bodystreet Lincoln Centre ensures that clients feel motivated and empowered throughout their fitness journey, leading to their remarkable success.

Passion and Dedication:

The studio’s success can be attributed to Mariusz’s unwavering passion for fitness and his genuine desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. With the Bodystreet UK Franchise, he has continually stayed on top of the latest industry trends and invests in ongoing professional development, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of expertise and guidance.

Beyond his dedication to clients, Mariusz actively engages with the local community, having organised a fitness event that promotes a healthy lifestyle and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals in Lincoln. His commitment to community outreach has solidified Bodystreet Lincoln Centre’s position as a leading force in the health and fitness industry.

A Bright Future:

Mariusz’s triumph as Fitness Professional of the Year at the Lincolnshire Health & Beauty Awards 2023 is a significant milestone not only for him but also for Bodystreet Lincoln Centre and the Bodystreet UK Franchise. This achievement recognises Mariusz’s exceptional skills and unwavering dedication but also reinforces the effectiveness of Bodystreet’s franchise system.

As Bodystreet UK continues to expand its franchise network, empowering individuals to pursue their passion for fitness, Mariusz’s success serves as an inspiration to franchisees and fitness professionals across the country. Mariusz Kaliszewski is poised to continue making a profound impact in the fitness industry for years to come.


The achievement of Mariusz Kaliszewski from Bodystreet Lincoln Centre as Fitness Professional of the Year at the Lincolnshire Health & Beauty Awards 2023 clearly demonstrates his unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to promoting health and fitness within the local community. His remarkable accomplishments exemplify the values and ethos of the Bodystreet UK Franchise, inspiring fitness professionals and individuals to strive for greatness. For your free Bodystreet UK Franchise brochure, click here.

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