Chemex family business expands under new leadership

Chemex International

Chemex International franchisee Dan Nutton has added two more franchises to his growing franchise portfolio with Chemex Nottingham and Derby.

Dan recently bought his main Chemex business from his father, who retired this summer.

‘My father bought his first Chemex territory in 2002; by the time he retired he owned Chemex Hull, Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and Leeds.  I joined him in the business in 2014.  He started me off in sales and I brought in £60k’s worth of business in my first three months, so he let me stay.”

Chemex International was acquired by Taylor Made Franchising in July 2022.

Although now officially retired, Dan’s Dad Keith still works with him for one day a week, his wife Heidi also works in the business handling bookkeeping and accounts.

Describing their service, Dan said: “At Chemex we are hygiene specialists but very much service-based; we aren’t just a drop-off service. We fit chemical dilution systems, offer infection control training, work as consultants and offer COSHH training. We receive many referrals from satisfied customers, which is very gratifying.”

Chemex franchisees sell their products and services to a wide range of commercial outlets from hospitals and care homes to restaurants, schools and hotels.  Dan’s business boomed during Covid when demand for hygiene products, particularly by local care homes soared. 

With his hands now firmly on the wheel of his new business, Dan has purchased the Nottingham and Derby territories from former franchisee Matt Proud, who was selling them to set up a private member’s club.

Dan said: “I’ve always known I wanted to expand the business, so Matt selling his territories came at just the right time. They are great businesses, doing really well. I’d like to think I can continue to bring on a couple of new territories every year.” 

Dan will run the business himself for the first year, before bringing in a management team.

“Although I am one of the youngest franchisees in Chemex, I have ambitious plans for growth.  We sell excellent products and I get great satisfaction from providing a valuable service to my clients. Covid brought home the need for premium hygiene products and my business benefited as a result. I’m excited about the future and building my business even further.”

New managing director of Chemex David Callister said: “These acquisitions are great news for Dan. We are delighted to see him doing so well and look forward to supporting him as he expands his business further over the coming years. His father Keith should be very proud of him, seeing the business he worked so hard to build in such capable hands. Franchises are often handed down from father to son and it is great to see this tradition continuing in Chemex.”

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