Nick Carnes and Roz Goldstein have created a series of short videos sharing their experience and insight on franchising.

PartnerWise Franchise

Why #franchisebites?

The love of franchising brought Nick Carnes of PartnerWise Franchise and Roz Goldstein of Goldstein Legal together with the great idea of sharing their combined knowledge and experience of the franchise industry.

Sometimes ideas like this get talked about and never get off the ground, not with these two!! The seed had been sown, the idea germinated and the two of them could see the benefit of sharing their experiences with others.

With Roz’s insight from a legal point of view and Nick’s consultants’ perspective, the content was guaranteed to be dynamite, it was a case of how?

#franchisebites was created, a series of chats between these two good friends, recorded for our benefit, covering a wide range of topics from “Why Franchise?” through going International to Trademarks and Logo Changes.

Whether staring out in Franchising or you have many years of franchise experience under your belt, these are a valuable source of information and can be viewed at


PartnerWise Franchise

Franchise Consultants

The Journey to Franchising your Business – Timing, Relationships and a Strong Support Network All Play a Part.

Roz Goldstein teams up with PartnerWise Franchise

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