Poppies in bloom as the cleaning franchise launches in Warwickshire

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The demand for professional cleaners is growing exponentially, with 3.2 million professional cleaners now operating within the residential cleaning sector alone1. And with this increasing demand, domestic cleaning franchise, Poppies has kickstarted 2023 on the right foot as the network welcomes new franchisee, Kuldeep Mahi, of Poppies Warwickshire.

A listening volunteer for the Samaritans and owner of a local marketing business, Kuldeep is embedded in the Warwickshire community and understands the inherent need for more exceptional service providers to take pressure off local families. Already welcoming cleaners into the team, Poppies Warwickshire aims to restore customer confidence and build a team of over 35 exceptional, trustworthy cleaners.

Kuldeep is wasting no time in demonstrating the scalability of the Poppies franchise and will use the brand’s rigorous training to ensure his business grows at a rate that suits him, his team and the community.

“I’m so proud to be launching my own Poppies franchise,” said Kuldeep. “The franchisor employs such an inspiring vision, and you can tell how much the rest of the franchise network believes in the brand’s mission and values. The onboarding process, training and launch was so smooth and I’m incredibly excited to be a fully-fledged Poppies franchisee – I feel like a kid at Christmas! The franchisor has been fully accessible, and they’ve provided me with so much valuable information and advice that I know I’ll use, as I provide an unmatched service to my local community.”

Kuldeep moved to Stratford eight years ago, and for four years has become a “root” of the community through supporting those in need. As an entrepreneur driven by social responsibility, he has taken the opportunity to reflect on his future and fulfil his dream of launching a local home service provider with “heart”.

“I did my due diligence on every business opportunity available to me in the cleaning industry,” continued Kuldeep. “I decided to join a franchise that was authentic and trusted, employs its cleaners, had close family values at its heart while also being on the cutting edge of technology. Poppies has a back-office application that runs on a cloud, so it helps us run our business while we get to focus on what truly matters to the community. I felt like other franchise brands just wanted to sell me a business and were only bothered about their service fee. Not at Poppies, as a franchisee, I really feel like I’m a part of the future of the industry, as well as having the chance to maximise my financial opportunity.

“What’s best is that my entrepreneurial spirit isn’t wasted and in fact will be able to flourish with Poppies. I still run a marketing business in the local area, so I wanted to join an industry that could help me marry the two and nurture my professional development.”

Poppies Warwickshire is part of a national network of 24 franchisees building their own local business, creating over 500 jobs and delivering high-quality cleaning to over 6,000 homes on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis in line with clients’ individual needs. For further information about Poppies and its franchising opportunities, visit www.poppies-franchise.co.uk 


Poppies UK Ltd

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