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Recognition Express is all set for its busiest season, as schools and businesses invest in branded merchandise for the coming academic year, and autumn conferences and events.

In readiness for this heightened demand, the company has just published its 2023/24 catalogue, brimming with new products as well as old favourites. Additions this year include drinkware made from Prevented Ocean Plastic that’s been recycled after collection from coastal areas.

The company’s branding experts work hard to source exciting and innovative promotional products, many of which satisfy increasing demand for more ethical and sustainable goods. Most categories feature several products of this nature, from hoodies made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester to umbrellas and giveaways made from eco materials to wooden name badges. The catalogue itself, which features Recognition Express’ new branding, has also been printed on recyclable paper using vegetable-based inks.

Chris Masters, Managing Director at Recognition Express, says the catalogue is an important marketing asset for franchisees, complementing the online presence.

“We always see a spike in franchisees’ sales at this time of year, so the annual catalogue is strategically timed to support and extend that,” he explains. “When customers look online, they often already know what they’re looking for. The catalogue allows them to browse in a different way, stimulating ideas they may not have considered before.”

Recognition Express franchisees can order a quota of catalogues for their own use or take advantage of centralised distribution. Most take a blended approach, letting head office handle bulk postage but hand delivering the catalogues to their key customers.

“The new catalogue gives franchisees an opportunity to reach out to old contacts or pay a visit to important customers, which helps nurture relationships,” Masters continues. “Customer service is at the heart of our business, so while online sales are convenient, encouraging direct contact alongside this is really important. That’s why we subsidise 60% of the cost of catalogue production for our franchisees.” 

Recognition Express is a branded merchandising business specialising in gifts, personalised clothing, staff name badges, and awards. More information is available at

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