Top tips for finding the right franchise: An interview with Granger Forson, BizSmart® Gloucestershire 


Franchising has emerged as a common practice in the business world, as it offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to own and operate a business under a well-established brand name.  

But with so many franchises to choose from, how do you determine which one is the best fit for you? 

Here, Granger Forson, Owner of BizSmart® Gloucestershire shares advice on how he found the right franchise for him. 

Asking the right questions 

‘When we look at a franchise, we need to evaluate not just the box-ticking musts, but the other important factors such as expectations and company culture.  It is therefore imperative to ask questions.  

From questions to yourself such as, ‘Does this business’s vision align with mine?’ to questions for the franchisor such as, ‘What support and resources do you provide to ensure franchisee success?’ 

Once you have asked these questions, researched, narrowed down the field and evaluated the business models, then it’s time to choose a specific franchise. However, there are some key things to consider when selecting the right franchise for you.’ 

Team opinions  

‘One of the most resourceful ways to truly understand a business is to gain an inside look. Speaking with employees, team members and other franchisees can be the key to unlocking the real voices, views, and opinions, of the company.  

Speaking with current franchisees can provide you with valuable insight into the franchise system and the level of support provided by the franchisor. By having access to the franchisees you can gain insight into their day-to-day operations, the training and support they’ve received, and their overall satisfaction with the franchise model.’ 

Don’t judge by the franchise size! 

‘Whether the franchise model is expansive or relatively small, it’s important to approach both with an open mind. For instance, a large pool of franchisees can seem like an attractive quality, offering reassurance that others have also seen value and invested in the franchise. This can also provide peace of mind when evaluating support.  

However, if the responses from the franchisees comment on having a lack of individual dedicated time from the franchise owner, due to its size; then this could indicate that their support is not quite as it seems.  

Simply looking at franchise size does not determine ‘the best place’ and people and opinions can give you the best insight. It’s better to feel a part of the team, valued and supported, rather than of less importance in a sea of other franchisees.’ 

Align expectations 

‘As a franchisee, an important aspect is to ensure that your expectations, outlook and aims, align with those of the franchise owner. It is crucial to be clear on each other’s expectations, to make sure the deal is a good fit for both parties. 

Having an open dialogue to discuss what is expected from you and what you expect from the franchise owner – is essential for determining whether they are the right franchise for you. This conversation can also open doors to a wider discussion, which enables you to express your goals and what you’d like to achieve and approach questions such as how will they help you to achieve them.’

Support system 

‘One of the biggest perks of buying into a franchise is that you are building upon an already solidified brand. What comes with this is systems, strategies and experience from the franchise owner.  

At BizSmart®, I was joining a relatively early franchise model [as its first franchisee] and to be able to take that leap of faith, I needed to gain a strong sense of trust in the business and business owner.  

I was able to gain insight into BizSmart®’s proven system for achieving scaleup and see its value, through real client results. This provided a much-needed sense of confidence, which was further accelerated after conversations with the owner, Kevin Brent. Kevin is a major asset to the company, offering insights and leadership, and other external resources such as his book, The Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System. This allowed me to take advantage of my franchisor’s knowledge and guidance and fully utilise the business’s strong support system.’  


In conclusion, finding the right franchise requires thorough research and careful consideration. By evaluating the industry, and the franchisor, speaking with current franchise owners, and understanding the expectations involved, you can make an informed decision and find a franchise that fits your business goals and vision. 

Granger Forson, BizSmart® Gloucestershire  



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