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When Henry Besley started his small family print business in 1750, little did he know that staying true to his original principles, the business would adapt & evolve over the course of 272 years from a traditional printer, to become a solutions-based brand management business.

As it did many years ago when we installed the first semi-automatic printing press and creating the ‘Clarendon’ font, technology continues to transform the way we deliver our services. Through our BrandHub, we now provide franchisors with innovative solutions that support their business & create opportunities for growth.

With the newest guardians at the helm, Nigel & Shane have moved besley & copp into a new era, concentrating on customer service & delivering on their promises! Welcome to besley & copp….


We understand that franchises businesses face a unique set of challenges that aren’t presented by conventional single-site business models. Brand control & ensuring the product offering remains consistent across a growing network is incredibly difficult.

The BrandHub is the nerve centre of operations. Behind the scenes, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help source, tailor and support your brand asset portfolio. From creative design through to procurement and delivery, we have everything you need to keep your network on-brand. The BrandHub was created with the marketing challenges faced by franchises in mind. From one place, our elegant web-based solution showcases your brand assets, marketing communication & entire product portfolio across your franchise network.

Empowering your network is essential for growth and to reduce central administration but can result in the brand becoming diluted or damaged by incorrect use. The BrandHub removes these inconsistencies by simple branch profiling & the management of an approved product range, maintaining the brand integrity and streamlining purchasing and manufacturing. From Manchester to Minneapolis, the result is an instantly recognisable brand across every channel where the materials are shared. Quality is controlled & purchasing is made simple & cost-effective by leveraging economies of scale.

Whether you are at the start of your franchise journey or a fully established network your challenges are the same. By partnering with besley & copp and the BrandHub we can help you centrally control your brand assets & product range at the touch of a button, reducing central administration, monitoring quality and lowering costs:

  • Fully branded BrandHub
  • Centrally controlled product range
  • Dynamic franchisee personalisation
  • B2B & B2C Direct mail services
  • Lead generation data reseller
  • Editable & trackable QR codes
  • Dedicated franchisee support
  • Starter pack & onboarding
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Revenue stream generation
  • Conference support
  • Unlimited users

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