Empowering Women in Business is back…and the 2021 agenda is one that you do NOT want to miss!

‘Making the impossible, possible’

We Have…

Development journeys

Why’s & Worth’s

Playing to your strengths

The infinite Mindset – Longevity over burnout!

Featuring some must have conversations LIVE

‘A journey to the top’

‘Toughest lessons learnt’

‘Being kind to you!’

‘The power of your network’

Are you enabling time for strategy and innovation?

‘I think EWIB shows how hugely important it is for us to get away from the office environment. It makes you think about the bigger picture. I think the panel was really important as well, as you have a mix of opinions and different questions. 

It makes you think that you need to go back and talk to the rest of your team and the rest of your department about what their opinions are.’

Kat Foster Jenkins, Monkey Music

Do you want to be the best you can be?

‘I really have taken the message of valuing my presence in the workplace and what i can deliver to our business. I think it’s been great to hear the general topic of confidence and self-worth which I’ll definitely try and take forward to my own role now moving into 2019.’

Emily Heathcote, Fastsigns

Have you experienced the power of networking with ambitious women?

‘It’s been absolutely fantastic to be here with a cohort of such strong women who have happily shared their past experiences, and for someone who is a millennial in their late 20s, it’s empowering to see the future of business for us.’

Emily Heathcote, Fastsigns

Is EWIB an event providing value?

‘I think the message in the room today from all the women is that this event is very important to them, lots of value and benefits, just keep going with them.’

Romy Thorpe, Vodafone

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