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Get A Drip took the wellness industry by storm with its launch in 2017 – offering a range of Intravenous Vitamin Drips and Vitamin Injections. We believe in prevention over a cure and proactivity over reactivity. An award winning company with press coverage in The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sun, GQ and Grazia to name but a few, we’re known for bringing once unaffordable Vitamin Drips, only available to the super wealthy, to the mainstream, via our central London locations.

We are the UK’s number one Vitamin Drip provider, having administered over 30,000 IV Vitamin Drips and Booster Shots from our premium London locations in Westfield White City, Westfield Stratford, Canary Wharf and Boxpark Shoreditch and now have demand from all over the UK. Read what our Founder & CEO, Richard Chambers, has to say about what motivated him to launch Get A Drip:

“The idea for Get A Drip first came to me when I was admitted to intensive care in 2010 with Ketoacidosis, due to complications with my Type 1 Diabetes. It got me thinking how great I felt after having an IV Drip as part of my treatment. Following this, I was continually in and out of hospital for the next 7 years due to issues related to a reduced immune system, where often as part of the treatment I would be hooked up to an IV Drip. After researching the options available to me I realised that Vitamin Drips are really expensive and not accessible to anyone except the super wealthy! I decided to change this. After years researching the benefits of drips and studying the work of Dr. John Myers (the vitamin drip pioneer), Get A Drip finally came to fruition in October 2017.”

Now we’re inviting you to join us as we achieve our goal of making optimum nutrition accessible to everyone.

Following the success of our core clinics; our first Get A Drip Franchisees joined us in 2020 and are already seeing the results of their hard work. Our plans for growth are extensive and 2021 will see Get A Drip go International with franchised clinics opening in Dublin and The Netherlands, as well as many franchised clinics in key UK cities.

A Get A Drip Franchise offers the opportunity for you to operate your business in one of three ways:

  • Mobile – This is our entry level franchise for those wanting to offer Vitamin Therapy as a mobile Get A Drip technician, delivering treatments in the comfort of your client’s homes
  • Concession – If you already operate a health/wellness business from your own premises you may consider adding Get A Drip concession to your existing treatments
  • Full Clinic – For those looking to run their own Get A Drip clinic within a shopping centre or on the high street


We believe that all members of the team should undergo the same training, from the franchisee down to the front of house staff. This helps to imbibe our vision for the company and to communicate our values to everyone who is representing the brand. We offer a five day CPD-accredited training program which is run by our head nurse, chief medical officer doctor and franchise manager. You will be fully trained in all aspects of owning, operating and marketing your Get A Drip Franchise. Our Mobile Get A Drip franchisees are invited to undertake training in our London Clinic; while Concession and Full Clinic owners will receive training in their own premises. Training comprises a comprehensive  course covering all aspects of our Booster Shot and Vitamin Drip services, with the opportunity to try practical techniques in a supported environment. You must be a Doctor, Nurse or similarly qualified Medical Professional with the necessary experience/qualifications to deliver the Booster Shots and IV Drips. However, you may wish to invest in a Get A Drip Franchise and employ suitably qualified medical staff to deliver the Booster Shots and IV Drips, in which case your employees will also have to undertake and pass the CPD accredited training course. All employees are required to undertake re-accreditation every twelve months.

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