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Greene King Pub Partners is the leased, tenanted and franchise division of Greene King, the UK’s largest pub company and brewer.

With a history stretching back more than 200 years to its hometown of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, Greene King Pub Partners has a long history of partnering with individuals and businesses to run successful pubs together.

The pub company has an estate of 1,000 pubs across England, Scotland and Wales available to operate on tenancy, lease and franchise agreements. Alongside providing you with a pub, Greene King Pub Partners is there by your side to support you running your pub with its expertise, buying power and guidance. This unparalleled support has seen Greene King Pub Partners recognised as the best leased and tenanted pub company at the industry renowned Publican Awards six times – most recently in 2023.

If you have ever dreamed of operating your own pub business, the Pub Franchise Agreement from Greene King Pub Partners is a low-cost way to achieve your ambition, with the full backing and support of Greene King.

The agreement provides you with a pub that’s ready to trade with all food and drink supplied. We also take care of all the marketing and promotions and install smart till systems so you can understand how your business is performing. We even cover the majority of the bills, including energy costs. With everything set up by us, you can concentrate on growing your franchise business and serving customers.

You can get the keys to your ready-to-go franchise pub for just £5,000 ingoing cost, which includes agreement fees, induction and on-site training for you and your team, making sure you are perfectly placed to run your franchise business.

In return, we’ll give you a guaranteed franchise fee of £20,000, as well as a percentage of food and drink sales. On top of this, you will also get a share of profits from the pub and can earn a performance-based bonus as well for hitting key targets.

Most of our franchise partners choose to operate a Hive Pub, our proven branded franchise concept with community at its heart. A Hive Pub is the social hub of a community, providing a lively atmosphere, a regular schedule of events, live music, live sport and more. Hive Pubs offer both great pub food curated by the Greene King food development team and a quality range of drinks including standard and premium lagers, ciders, stouts, ales, spirits, wines, soft drinks and alcohol-free options.

Hive Pubs have a distinctive, modern look and feel to them and all feature incredible pub gardens complete with beach huts and decking for all-year round use. This sees us invest as much as £400,000 in our Hive Pubs to ensure they are the go-to pub in the community they serve, meaning you can be confident you are getting a quality pub to run.


We want to ensure you are fully prepared to launch your pub franchise with us in the best way possible. So, we’ll support both you and your teams with training that will build your knowledge, develop your skills and give you the confidence you need to run a successful pub franchise.

We have a dedicated Learning and Development team for our pub franchisees who are here to help you and your team with a suite of learning solutions to support your first 100 days and beyond. This team has extensive experience of both running pubs and training pub operators. It includes subject matter experts for front of house operational excellence and qualified kitchen managers who can ensure your kitchen is meeting the optimal standards.

Once you have chosen your franchise pub and signed your agreement, we’ll provide you with an induction covering everything you need before you launch your business and open your pub to the public. This will include training in the standards, procedures, techniques and methods that make up our franchise system. It will also cover key areas needed to run a pub including Safestart, British Institute of Innkeeping Cellar Training, System Training and a Food Safety Level 2 course.

In the run up to launching your pub, you’ll then receive further training and support for both you and your team in the form of agile e-learning training and in-pub training sessions. This is where our expert Learning and Development team really come into their own and they will take you and your team through topics such as Food Hygiene, Guest Focus, Upselling, Licensing, Complaint Handling, Pouring a Perfect Pint and more.

Once your pub is ready to open, our training team will be there to help you on your first few days of opening. This gives you and your team the opportunity to learn in real time while running your pub. After your first few weeks, the team will then be back to follow-up with any areas that you would like covered again.

Alongside our dedicated learning and development team, throughout your time as a pub franchisee with Greene King Pub Partners you will have a dedicated Business Development Manager who will be there to help your run and grow your business.

What will I do as a Franchisee

As a franchisee running a pub with Greene King you will cover a variety of tasks ranging from managing your staff to ensuring that your customers have a great experience. As a people first, hospitality business no two days are ever the same meaning there is always variety and something exciting and new to do.

One of the most important aspects of being a pub franchisee is creating great customer experiences through engagement with the local community, local activities, live sport experiences, and providing a safe space where everyone can socialise. We will support you with ideas generation, supplying appropriate marketing tools and point of sale to promote your business and activity. We will agree budgets with you for spending on sales generating activity and help you measure the effectiveness of your activity.


You will need to recruit and lead a motivated team of staff, looking after their welfare, scheduling shifts and managing performance.

You will have a dedicated Business Development Manager to support you bringing your ideas to life.

Our dedicated pub franchise training team are also here every step of the way to help train you and your team to ensure they know how to run a bar, serve customers and cook great food, meaning you don’t need to worry about training your staff.

Another key responsibility of being a pub franchisee with Greene King is keeping your pub safe, clean, organised and well-stocked. You will need to manage your food and drink stock, ordering supplies as required and carrying out regular checks to ensure all stock is properly accounted for.

A typical day as a pub franchisee might start with a meeting with your team to prepare for the day ahead. You may then spend time reviewing your stock levels, placing orders for supplies and ensuring your pub is clean, organised and ready for opening. You will need to account for all cash and perform a daily routine to open your business. Upon opening, you will then need to serve and interact with customers, checking in with your staff along the way and generally overseeing the bar and kitchen operations of your pub. As a franchisee, it is your responsibility to ensure customers are kept happy and your staff are working effectively.

While this is happening, you will work on a business plan of sales driving activities, promotion of your business, including use of social media and websites and keep abreast of what your local community are looking for from their local pub.

In a typical day as a pub franchisee, you will call upon a range of skills including strong leadership abilities, excellent communications and a keen eye for detail. You will need to thrive in a customer facing environment and have a passion for service and hospitality.

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