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Join 2023’s most Outstanding Home Care Franchise Network, Radfield Home Care; Experts in the business of care

Discover the opportunities at Radfield Home Care, the only home care brand that has won a prestigious Princess Royal Training Award for franchisee training. Winners of five awards at the 2023 Home Care Awards including best Team Support from a National Office and most Outstanding Home Care Franchise Network, Radfield Home Care put their 40 years of sector experience to use.

Starting your own business is a life-changing opportunity and experience. When you become a Radfield Home Care franchise partner, you become part of a national network of local care champions running their own successful, growing businesses, all backed by the Radfield team who are the experts in the business of care.

Build a profitable business that champions exceptional care in your local community.

As a Radfield franchise partner, you’ll have access to a national, forward-looking and ambitious brand, proven business model and a growing network of successful businesses, to fast-track you to your own success.

You don’t need prior experience in the care sector. Our team of experts will help you recruit a registered care manager who will take on responsibility for daily operations like care management, compliance and staffing.

Working together, we’ll help you grow a strong, sustainable and profitable business that shapes the future of care, become a valued contributor to your community and enjoy a more rewarding life, focused on the things that matter most to you.

(Caption: Radfield Home Care founders, siblings Alex Green and Dr Hannah MacKechnie.)

We’re a purpose-driven business

For the past 40 years, our brand has been inspired, guided and driven by a consistent purpose: To make ageing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

As Radfield co-founder Dr Hannah MacKechnie explains: “Care is amazing. Great quality care can transform a moment, a day, even a relationship. Care should be about making people feel understood, valued and supported. About enabling people to live their best life for as long as possible. That’s what exceptional care means to us. It’s what we grew up with in the care home our parents ran, it’s how they inspired us and now we’re proud to be working with outstanding franchise partners to start more businesses, with the right people, to take Radfield’s high quality care out to the whole nation.”

Running a care business can be a hugely rewarding experience in so many ways. The difference our services make to the lives of our clients and their families and the wider communities in which we operate is visible and inspiring.

Those moments, experiences and relationships are made possible by our Care Professionals. And they can only provide Radfield services to the high standards our brand is built on when they work for a well-led and successful business. There’s no exceptional care without an exceptional business.

That’s why at Radfield everything we do is designed to work with our franchise partners to support them in building high-performing businesses with care at their core.

And that’s why our franchise partners know they can always rely on Radfield for exactly the right expert, tailored support and guidance they need at every stage of their business.

An investment for long-term success

Starting a franchise is an investment for the long term. The financial returns can be significant over time. Like any business, this depends on the level of effort and commitment you are able to put into growing your business, all with our expert support of course.

Once you’ve been accepted in principle into the Radfield network as a new franchise partner, you’ll need to be in a financial position to make the right level of investment to get set up.

In order to start your business, you’ll need your Radfield Home Care franchise fee of £35,000 plus VAT, along with working capital of around £60,000 to get the business up and running. That means, including VAT on the £35,000, you will need access to an initial investment of around £102,000.

Thanks to Radfield Home Care’s well-established and recognised business model, we can make introductions on your behalf to a number of high-street banks who are willing to lend up to 70% of this initial investment.

Radfield is the expert in the business of care

We have a proven track record in setting our franchise partners up for business success from pre-launch onwards throughout their journey. We are the experts in the business of care, with a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • With over 40 years working in care, no other home care brand has more experience in the UK care market.
  • We are the only home care brand whose co-founders have both medical and commercial expertise.
  • Both co-founders, Dr Hannah MacKechnie and Alex Green, still lead Radfield on a day to day basis.
  • We offer the highest level of tailored business support in the market to all our franchise partners, whether you’re starting out on your journey or many years down the line.
  • Our National Office team has over 200+ years combined experience across the full range of specialist business development areas – including care, operations, compliance, marketing, finance, technology and people.
  • We provide the only Franchisee training programme – The Radfield Runway – that has won a prestigious Princess Royal Training Award for investing in franchise partner success.
  • We are at the forefront of many of the developments in technology, often first to market in pioneering new ways to use technology to create added value.

What starting a Radfield franchise means for you

  • We have full control of our business, which is 100% UK based. All decisions are made based on expert knowledge of what works best for the UK market – your Radfield business will be set up to succeed in your local community.
  • We have a very long, stable and successful trading history – the business model you’re buying into is a secure and robust investment.
  • Our commercial expertise means you’ll be equipped and empowered to launch, run and grow a strong and sustainable business of your own.
  • Our medical expertise means you’ll be providing services that are not just fit for purpose but exceptional in impact and you’ll see the value this creates for your team, your clients, your community and your business.
  • We constantly innovate and pioneer the use of new technologies to improve the quality of business and services, so you’ll be ahead of the competition in many important ways.
  • We invest in ensuring our training is always best in class, and that means you’ll get access to all the knowledge and skills you need to get your new business off to the strongest possible start.
  • We have the expertise and (crucially) the resources to tailor the support you get to your specific needs, so that you will always get the right help at the right time for you.
  • We work collaboratively with our fast-growing network of franchise partners, enabling you to become part of a community of other business leaders, ready and willing to share their insights and experience with you.

Here’s how co-founder Alex Green sums it up: “We always love bringing new franchise partners on board because every new Radfield business that starts up is an exciting new opportunity to grow and share in success together. Hannah and I have started and run local offices ourselves, so we know what exactly it’s like and we know what it takes. That’s why we’re committed to putting all the expertise in our team into the hands of every one of our franchise partners to ensure they have the very best support from day one and onwards on their journey. It is hard work, make no mistake, but it’s also incredibly rewarding on all levels. If you’re up for starting and growing your own home care business and ready to invest in your future with Radfield then we’d love to hear from you.”

Interested in talking in more detail to us about starting your own care business?

Easy. Just fill in the enquiry form on this page and Radfield Home Care’s franchise recruitment manager will get in touch for an initial chat, answer any questions you’ve got and talk about the next steps.

What our franchise partners say

“The National Office team can help with even little things that you don’t necessarily think about. The support fills in all of those gaps.”

Ed Gill, franchise partner, owner & director, Radfield Home Care York, Thirsk & Ryedale.

“We’re genuinely delivering a good service to clients in our local community… It’s an exceptional quality and I’m proud of that. It’s making a massive difference to the lives of local people, while also securing the financial future of our own family.”

Jackie Gillen, co-owner & director, Radfield Home Care Wakefield & Dewsbury.

“You engage with people when you’re part of a franchise, it’s not just about the numbers and statistics, it’s about the people that you work with, the people you engage with and I think all of the people in Radfield who I spoke to were genuinely nice people who live the values and demonstrated the culture I was buying in to.”

James Beech, co-owner & director, Radfield Home Care Stamford, Peterborough & Rutland.



To get you started all new franchise partners get access to the Radfield Runway training programme which has just been awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award.

You don’t need any prior care experience, as the Radfield Home Care franchise support team is large, dedicated and diverse in knowledge. With an industry leading ratio of 1 support team member to every 2 franchise partners, we’re responsive and on hand to help you with every aspect of your new business.

As you progress, youll always have a dedicated franchise support manager. They’ll work closely with you to help you develop and grow your business. The wider support team is also backing your success all the way. Specialists in all operational areas, they’re working constantly on everything from search engine optimisation and monitoring of compliance records.

During your training, you’ll cover everything from compliance, CQC and care delivery through to business development, technology financials and marketing. Then we’ll help you recruit a registered care manager. Who will take on responsibility for daily operations like care management, compliance and staff.
Even when your onboarding training is complete, our support doesn’t stop there. In fact, it doesn’t ever stop. Radfield franchise partners are supported throughout their business journey with specialised training and support at the different stages of growth. This training and support has been designed to help you at the exact time when you need new skills to grow to the next

What will I do as a Franchisee

You will need to have passion for delivering high quality care and you will spend a great deal of your time out and about in your local community, networking and meeting people. You will be a champion of quality care, telling them about Radfield and making sure that when they need care, they choose the Radfield Home Care brand.

At the same time, your Registered Care Manager will look after the day-to-day running of the business, from looking after your care team, to handling client enquiries and assessments, they will work with the guidance of the National Office team. This ensures your business is compliant with CQC regulations and is delivering the high standards of care we all expect.

You will be the leader, the face and the heart of your business. It is you who will set the culture and bring our shared values to life every day.

You will be able to keep regular contact with your team of Care Professionals and clients to ensure that your service meets the standards you expect. You will also have regular touchpoints with your support manager to review your KPI’s and financial data to ensure that your business is performing as expected.

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