The Purple House Clinic

The Purple House Clinic

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Purple House Clinics provide clinical services to children and adults for a range of psychological/mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, trauma, adjustments to life events, learning difficulties and developmental disorders. Franchisees are required to be qualified Clinical Psychologists and they fulfil the role of Clinical Director of their clinic as well as providing clinical services themselves.  From the outset, we have held the vision of offering a wide range of services to people of all ages. Our model is therefore a team-based approach; our clinics engage the services of self-employed Associate practitioners who offer additional specialisms, complementing the skills of the Clinical Director (franchisee). Typically, our clinic teams consist of Clinical Psychologists (the majority), Educational Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Our clinicians provide in-depth structured assessments, evidence-based therapies, family support services and consultancy. Referrals come from the private sector, and also the public sector.


We are a franchise network with strong values and a clear vision to continue to grow a UK-wide family of clinics where psychological health gets the expertise it deserves. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled in life and we are committed to helping people overcome, or adapt to, life’s challenges. Clients are attracted to Purple House due to the comprehensive range of services we can offer, and the professional organisation and operation of our clinics.

Franchise Overview

The Purple House Clinic network began with its founding clinic in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Following its success and the demand for services across a wider geographical area, its founders became innovators in their field being the first Psychology service in the UK to adopt a franchise model for growth – now accredited by the British Franchise Association.


Today, this approach enables the opening of new clinics under the ownership of locally-based Clinical Directors who build their own practice using the brand and established systems of Purple House. The first franchise clinic was launched in Glasgow in January 2018, followed quickly by franchises in Lincoln and Leicester, six months later. All three initial franchisees have since renewed their initial franchise agreements and continue to grow thriving practices; Glasgow now hold an area development licence, currently operating in three locations across the city. Over the next 5 years, we will franchise approximately 15 further clinics in different geographical locations across the UK.


With our proven approach, combining a career in clinical psychology practice with the ambition to become a successful business owner has never been easier.


Our initial training includes a 1 week initial induction programme covers:


  • Understanding the Operations Manual and operating templates.
  • Purple House operational systems & software.
  • Business & financial management.
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment & Employment
  • Human Resources


Franchisees are also provided with assistance with their business set-up, premises acquisition, practice launch
& team recruitment.


Ongoing support as a franchise includes:


  • Access to our electronic Documents Library which includes virtually every type of document franchisees need for
    the operation of the clinic.
  • Operational support. We provide detailed written instructions for all aspects of practice administration in the form of the Operations Manual. We also provide troubleshooting support as and when required – this can be provided in the form of telephone/email support or site-visits.

Business mentoring via telephone calls and site-visits, helping franchisees to plan the growth of their business and maximise their opportunities within their geographical territory. This support includes help with marketing strategies and support to develop their own team of clinicians.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Franchisees hold the position of Clinical Director of their own Purple House Clinic. From day to day, responsibilities include seeing clients for assessment/therapy, helping administrative staff manage referrals and waiting lists and overseeing the engagement of self-employed clinicians (Associates). With the support of head office, they also engage in business management activities such as preparing financial forecasting and budget management, as well as engaging in local marketing activities.

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