Milestone achievement for Rugby’s leading mental health team

The Purple House Clinic

Dr Rachel Kemp and Dr Hayley Poole founded The Purple House Clinic Rugby in 2021. On 17th May 2023, the pair celebrated their second anniversary. Over the last two years, through challenges thick and thin, their business has seen enormous growth in response to local demand for specialist mental health support services.

“Our number one aim is to offer the highest-quality psychological healthcare,” said Rachel. “We just knew that offering a safe, comfortable and specialist space was the right thing to do. The Purple House Clinic is designed to be a welcoming place for everyone – from homely décor to having our skilled staff and clinicians onsite and accessible. The last two years have proved that our gut instincts were correct!” 

From their initial team of two, Rachel and Hayley now have two administrators and 15 specialist associate clinicians working at the clinic. Offering a staggering 150 appointments every month to clients, they are continually looking to add to the team to meet the ever-growing demand for services.

Prior to launching The Purple House Clinic Rugby, Rachel and Hayley both worked in the NHS. Over time, they became frustrated and felt that increasingly limited resources and a rigid structure were limiting what they could offer clients. The two friends felt sure that the opportunity to expand their own skills and remit for helping others was the way forwards. 

“To think that two years ago I was wondering if we’d made the right decision, and now we’re here!” said Rachel. “I’m incredibly proud of the range of services we offer and the calibre of professionals who work with us…it’s such an achievement in such a short space of time. Leaving our old roles behind us and starting this business was nerve wracking, but it’s been so rewarding. Together, Hayley and I haven’t just changed our own lives, we’re having a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of people in and around our community too.”

Situated within Eastlands Court Business Centre, St Peters Road, The Purple House Clinic supports clients from Rugby and surrounding areas including Lutterworth and Daventry. Led by Clinical Directors Rachel and Hayley, the team in Rugby have particular expertise in adult mental health, child mental health, child behaviour, developmental trauma, physical health and psychosexual difficulties. The team comprises of Clinical Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Play Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.

Mental health does not discriminate. Clients of Purple House Clinic Rugby range from the very young to the very old. Whilst women are, overall, more likely to seek help, Rachel notes that more and more men are coming forward to access services locally. This is partly in response to the pandemic and partly due to a more widespread general awareness and acceptance – something that the entire team welcomes.

“Our plans for the future are bold – because we believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy and importance of our

services,” said Hayley. “In the next year, we plan to have our own dedicated clinic space and to increase our team of associates up to 20. In five years’ time that number will be between 25 and 30. We live in a world where our mental health is being tested to the limit by new challenges and difficulties, faced by all ages. We’ll

continue to be a bastion of ethical, personal and easy-to-access support when people need it most.

Purple House Clinic

The Purple House Clinic

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