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Water Babies teaches 52,000 babies every week vital water confidence and safety skills. Delivered through a vast network of dedicated and family-run franchises across the world, Water Babies award-winning lessons help babies and young children to learn a skill for life.  And Water Babies celebrated 20 years in the water.

Over the past 20 years, Water Babies has taught over half a million children the lifesaving skill of learning how to swim. From its roots in Yorkshire, Water Babies is determined to giving children the best start in life, through developing a programme dedicated to supporting little one’s development in and out of the water, to its purpose activity through launching Children’s Alliance – the Water Babies Foundation, which fundraises and lobbies to ensure we create better starts and brighter futures for all children in the UK.

Throughout 2022 the business has been celebrating the Water Babies family and showing how they have developed and evolved to always be at the forefront of bringing child development and innovation into the sector.


We understand there’s a lifecycle of a franchisee – from infancy to maturity level, it’s all about finding that ‘Happy Spot’ and how this is different for everyone. We acknowledge that each franchisee is an individual, not a mass of people. Every franchisee has individual stories, desires, personalities, and this means we provide a tailored approach in our support to them. From the very start of their journey, Head Office provides comprehensive support and training to potential franchisees.

This includes providing case studies, to speaking to members of the entire network to answer any questions they may have about franchising. As part of this process, they also get full training on the business model and business plan prior to signing the agreement.

Our project management team coordinate the launch of every franchise. And this support starts from the moment that potential franchisee enquires to the business, with an 8-phase launch plan including 285 steps intertwined throughout. That’s hundreds of actions and people working in situ at Head Office, from making that enquiry to year review post-launch. All project managed; we coordinate a wide resource team with inter-department collaboration to ensure every franchisee is supported in every step.

From the point of purchase, the project manager and franchise partner work with that franchisee to create their business plan and goals. Then begins the start of the full franchisee training programme, including our leading teacher training course which takes a total of 11 weeks, work in the offices and courses: admin, sales and underwater photography concluding with in-depth training sessions with every department within Head Office.

This includes:

  • Finance and goal setting
  • Local marketing plans created, and marketing collateral ordered
  • HR training and recruitment
  • Pool acquisition and management
  • IT support and infrastructure
  • Office and administrative processes
  • Aquatics training and kit needed
  • Retail sales training and product logistics
  • Underwater photography
  • Data and GDPR management


All this supports the launch of every franchise to ensure its success. Once they become a franchisee, we also offer CPD opportunities to all. This includes becoming a Tutor, a Mentor, a Dipper at photoshoots, an Assessor and more.

What will I do as a Franchisee

As a franchisee you’ll have all the autonomy and excitement of running your own business, backed up by the business support of our head office and the mutual support of the rest of the network. There’s a real sense of camaraderie, with everyone helping each other out for the greater good.

From talking to new mums and dads on the phone, to giving talks, sorting out underwater photo shoots, marketing your classes, finding new pool space and, of course, teaching tiny newborns to bouncy toddlers, no two days at Water Babies are ever the same!

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Childcare & Childrens Activities

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