EweMove celebrates Spring Lambing and rapid growth


From Cornwall to Coulsdon and everywhere in between, EweMove is continuing to establish itself as the leading hybrid estate agency in the UK as they welcome their ‘Spring Lambs’ to the flock. As new franchisees are introduced to EweMove’s training programme and systems, the summer months are primed to continue their current trajectory of rapid growth around the country.

Today, a network of over 170 franchisees operate across the United Kingdom. The unique branding, that appeals to those fed up with the norm, has established EweMove as a strong voice in a crowded market, leading to the franchise receiving over 15,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Georgina Hopkinson of EweMove Worcester East is delighted to be joining a leading brand in the industry and is excited to be providing a tailored service that stands out in her local market.

“The whole structure of ‘The EweMove Way’ is a breath of fresh air,” explained Georgina. “The modern look and approach that EweMove takes is so attractive in the 21st century as a business person and consumer – it’s embracing the benefits of technology which is needed from a forward-thinking brand operating in today’s industry. And by having experience in other brands that don’t make the most of the technology at their disposal, I’ve been able to see the depth of what the Sheep Pen – our national operations centre – does to make sure franchisees like me can be as successful as possible. The personal spin you can put on your business is great for what I want to achieve, and the fact they’re so on top of new technology and media really helps keep your business fresh.”

Founded in 2013, EweMove introduced the UK to the hybrid estate agency model, with local property managers across the country being supported by the Sheep Pen. EweMove’s approach of one agent seeing the home-moving journey from start to finish with a client supports the delivery of their consistently high standards.

EweMove Coulsdon’s Sandy Sharma is a veteran of the property industry and feels revitalised having joined a franchise that will enable him to use his wealth of experience to ensure his customers have the most positive experiences possible.

“I have 30 years’ experience in estate agency – it’s been so refreshing to join a franchise that offers such a high-quality service that’s so ahead of the curve. With my business partner, Spencer, we are combining our experience with a detailed knowledge of modern technology, joining a franchise that gives us the platform to utilise these skills to the fullest. I’m incredibly excited to provide a refreshing, positive experience to our clients,” said Sandy.

Peter Jarman of EweMove Truro feels well placed in a franchise that spares no detail during initial training and is delighted to have received constant support from a head office team that equips franchisees with all of the resources they need to become a success.

“Training has gone really well so far. It’s been well organised and very well delivered. There’s a lot of information to take in before you even start training, but it’s been great to receive such a huge level of detail – I’ve got a real feel for the brand which has inspired and excited me. What’s nice is that whenever I’ve needed anyone for anything, the Sheep Pen has been on hand to offer support. I’ve nearly finished initial training, and I can’t wait to get going with the onboarding process and launch,” said Peter.

And it’s not just new franchisees joining the fold. Katie Sykes has recently joined the Sheep Pen as the ‘ewest member of the franchise recruitment team!

“Joining EweMove’s team has been the opportunity I’ve been seeking to step up in my career,” explained Katie. “Having worked as an estate agent for 16 years and then owning my own agency for four years, I know what it takes to build a successful business in the property industry. I’m really happy to be bringing my expertise to a brand that is firmly establishing itself as an industry leader. Seeing how much the industry has evolved throughout my career has highlighted to me how much more effective EweMove’s methods are. I feel, after a long search, that I’ve found the brand that matches my own ethos and ambitions.”

If you are passionate about forging a successful career path with a progressive brand unafraid of breaking the mould, please visit https://www.ewefranchise.com/

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