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The average age of a Seniors Helping Seniors carer is 59.7 years old. The oldest carer is 85 years old. The company attracts franchise partners who see inspiration in this fact.

Cathy Scott co-owns Seniors Helping Seniors Solihull and Warwick with husband Mike Scott. They bought their Seniors helping Seniors franchise in August 2022. Cathy says “I’m hiring people with care experience to support people in Solihull and Warwick with companionship care. Age is not the driver, it’s about experience and personality.”

Mike says, “The care experience can be professional care experience or caring for loved ones. Almost everyone we know has relevant experience because the population is ageing. And people appreciate the work Seniors Helping Seniors has to offer because it is rewarding, paid well and flexible.”

When Mike and Cathy explain why they opened their branch of Seniors Helping Seniors, it’s about bringing together their business expertise and their passion for people.

Seniors Helping Seniors are champions at the Living Wage foundation. Seniors Helping Seniors is also part of the Good Business Charter in the UK and these credentials mean a lot.

Mike and Cathy’s dedication to helping everyone live their best life is infectious. They met at university and Cathy was soon working with Mike and his parents in their residential care home business.

Both have a longstanding passion for people getting the best out of life and wellbeing. Their successful careers took them into energy supply businesses and customer facing roles.

When voluntary redundancy became available at Mike’s company the couple took the opportunity to leave corporate life. They had friends who had succeeded in franchised businesses – so they started to analyse care franchises.

Mike says “it was very clear to me that the Seniors Helping Seniors home-care company is special. Disrupting the way the sector usually does things. Focussing on the jobs seniors want to do is the game changer.”

Mike says “I love my day to day. I’m creating a business I can be proud of. We don’t need to chase invitations to talk about what Seniors Helping Seniors is doing and that feels amazing for a new business. The growth opportunity at this franchise appealed because we can easily grow geographically, and we can provide personal care when we are ready.”

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