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Sally Wilse Co-owner of Seniors Helping Seniors UK explains what happens when brand values are pertinent.

Sally says “Beyond doing important work every day, we are often asked for comment and input on important issues .

Our franchise network follows through on a local level. Franchisees with special interests and expertise lead on initiatives around ageing well.

I spoke with the Living Wage Foundation for International Women’s Day and from this one piece of work with them, Seniors Helping Seniors has helped put some important issues in to the light and achieved national coverage. Our franchisees have benefitted from the spotlight.”

Sally was featured with some amazing woman who are helping to tackle low pay and precarious work in their industries by supporting the #Living Wage Movement. Seniors Helping Seniors was the only franchise to participate.

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Seniors Helping Seniors became a champion for the foundation in 2021 and Sally says “I was proud to comment on behalf of all our business owners nationally and they have achieved local press.  Paying above the Real Living Wage is a commitment all our franchise partners make. Being a franchise, with The Living Wage as a value, means our franchise can help roll out policy. Our franchisees voted unanimously to increase pay when the new Living wage was announced by the Living Wage Foundation in November 2022.”

Care is a sector which is traditionally poor paying. Care is also a sector hiring more women than men.

Seniors Helping Seniors was started in the UK to disrupt the Care sector. Leading the way is important to them.

Always paying properly is just one of the ways they lead.

Seniors Helping Seniors has zero problems attracting and retaining amazing carers. Because of the investment in carers. The investment permeates all their systems and processes and makes the brand unique and difficult to copy.

Happy carers make happy customers! Happy customers make great businesses!

When most employers fail to hang onto employees aged fifty and over, we’re happy to show caring can be a lifelong career. The average age of Seniors Helping Seniors carers is 59.7 years.

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