Mathnasium’s London roll-out continues with the opening of new learning centre in Stanmore


Mathnasium of Stanmore, under the leadership of Mihir Shah, will be opening its doors at 413
Honeypot Lane, Stanmore on Monday 6th June, bringing fun and effective supplementary maths
programmes to local children in Years 1 to 11. This marks the second of a trio of new openings
in recent months with the Whetstone centre having launched in March and a new centre
planned for Bromley also opening in the coming weeks.

The learning centre at 413 Honeypot Lane focuses solely on maths and operates on the core
belief that virtually any child can excel in the subject. The Mathnasium Method™, implemented
at more than 1200 Mathnasium centres globally, is a unique programme that provides each child
with a bespoke learning plan and personalised instruction in a way that makes sense to them.

Our students will receive the fundamental practice they need to master number facts, build computational skills, and improve number sense, an intuitive understanding of how numbers work,” said Mihir Shah, owner of the Mathnasium of Stanmore franchise.

“Our goal is simple: to teach maths in a way that makes sense to students,” Shah continued.
“Mathnasium centres have helped struggling students to build their confidence in maths, which
also has a knock on impact across all their learning. We are thrilled to be able to bring our
Mathnasium Method™ to support the families in and around Stanmore.”

When Shah was looking for a change in direction from the accountancy and then investment
banking route he had first taken, he was weighing up the relative merits of food and beverage
as well as education franchise businesses. Shah said “ there were four key factors that
influenced my decision to choose a Mathnasium franchise. These were:

  1. Mathnasium is a relatively ‘young’ franchise in the UK market, offering a number of
    London territories, and a multi-centre opportunity that matched my ambition to grow
    multiple centres over time
  2. There’s a proven and well-established system in place to support the operational
    aspects of running a Mathnasium learning centre; whilst the UK franchise network may
    be young, with more than 1200 centres globally, the infrastructure is strong to support
    new franchisees from the start
  3. The financial model; leaving a successful career in investment banking, I needed to have
    confidence that the financial model could support the business growth I had envisioned
    for this next stage in career
  4. Having an impact in my local community; I was keen to establish a business that gave
    something back, that was worthwhile and provided the end user with tangible benefit”
    For students, the Mathnasium experience begins with an assessment designed to pinpoint a
    child’s strengths and weaknesses. These results provide the foundation from which Mathnasium
    constructs the student’s bespoke learning plan. Students learn maths in a friendly, productive
    learning environment and are taught by caring and knowledgeable instructors well-versed in
    integrating Mathnasium’s techniques with the maths curriculum. The Mathnasium Method™
    uses a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques to help
    children really understand maths and has been developed over more than 40 years of practical
    experience with thousands of students.
    “What impressed me about the Mathnasium Method was the ability to truly pinpoint areas for
    improvement that are unique to each student;” said Shah. “there’s a real honesty in their
    assessment, taking students back to fill in any gaps they may have to ensure they’re building
    strong foundational maths skills to benefit their learning in the future. That’s really important to

    Mathnasium students receive the support they need for school homework and tests while
    building their maths foundations. “As educators, we strive to offer Stanmore students a balanced
    maths learning experience: one that fills in the gaps, keeps students on track with maths taught
    in school, and, most importantly, makes learning maths a fun and joyful experience,”
    concluded. Mathnasium of Stanmore will be opening its doors on Monday 6th June and is
    enrolling students now!
    If you’d like to know more about the franchise opportunity with Mathnasium, then get in touch to
    join one of our upcoming Discovery Days in London.
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