Molly Maid Mentor Features on New Channel Four Television Series – Teen Mum Academy

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The new Channel 4 series Teen Mum Academy, which provides six teen mums and aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn the skills needed to pursue their business ownership dreams, features Sandra Redmond the Franchise Owner of Molly Maid in Wimbledon. 

Redmond has owned the Molly Maid Franchise in Wimbledon for 27-years and is a past winner of the British Franchise Association’s (BFA) Franchisee of the Year award.  She features prominently in episode 7 where she provides her unique mix of business and life experience with young mum Millie, who dreams of one day running her own cleaning business.

“I was so impressed with Millie.  She jumped in with both feet and even when we put her in some challenging situations she was composed and showed a wisdom that really was beyond her years”, says Redmond.  “I have kept in touch with her even after the show and really hope she pursues her dreams, because I know she will be a huge success.”

Dragonfly Film and Television who produce the show approached industry leader Molly Maid wanting Millie to get the best experience possible.  “We dedicated a lot of time making sure we were finding opportunities for Millie that would cater to her and help her grow her business.  As soon as we learnt about Molly Maid and met Sandra we knew it would be a perfect fit”, said Assistant Producer Molly Moughen.  “Sandra was a joy to work with and I can see why she and Molly Maid are so successful”, adds Moughen, a sentiment that is also echoed by Mille.  “I was so happy to be invited to be part of E4’s Teen Mum Academy, and to work alongside Sandra from Molly Maid to train me on the skills needed to run my own business. I gained so much confidence and knowledge from Sandra’s coaching and we’ve kept in touch since, as she’s offered to keep mentoring me.”

You can follow Millie’s story, and all of the six hard-working mums and entrepreneurs to be, via E4 on demand.  For more information on Molly Maid, please contact Marketing Manager, Kanika Srivastava, at

Molly Maid UK Limited

Molly Maid UK Limited

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