Lifelong Maternity Nurse takes on Harmony at Home Maternity Division & Consultancy

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Dedicated professional Norland Maternity Nurse, Georgina Ware has become one of Harmony at
Home’s newest franchisees, launching the UK-wide Harmony at Home Maternity Agency. With over 25 years working as a specialist maternity nurse, Georgina has worked internationally as well as extensively over the UK in a variety of roles such as night nannying, ski nanny, trouble shooter and nursery consultant.

It was after the birth of her son, in 2021, that a new chapter in her life presented itself. Georgina
comments that, ‘an opportunity to join the Harmony at Home team and take on the maternity
division was offered to me. With this role I’ve found my past maternity expertise of great value, but the flexibility [of the role] allows me to continue caring for my young son.’

Georgina’s love for working with children began at a very early age and she became determined to ensure she qualified to study at the prestigious Norland College. She did what she could by choosing relevant subjects and work experience and began her studies there in 1995. She fitted in so well within Norland, that she even completed her final year as a member of staff in their dedicated baby unit!

Over the years she has worked with many families supporting them in the early days, crossed
numerous countries and worked with different cultures and needs. Whilst every baby and family is different her approach has remained the same, providing gentle individual support and making this hugely important family stage as easy as possible.

The Maternity Agency franchise is one of the latest additions to the Harmony at Home portfolio,
which was launched by serial entrepreneur and Norland nanny Frankie Gray in 2004. The agency
provides a range of nanny and household staff recruitment services to parents across the entire
county – care is taken to create a positive experience for both clients and candidates.
On launching her own Maternity Agency business, Georgina comments, ‘Today, I am enjoying the challenge, helping new families, supporting maternity nurses, and working towards establishing the specialist Maternity Agency that I envisage. I thank Frankie for all of her ongoing support with this venture.’ As a new mother herself, Georgina has a complete understanding of new family needs and is ready to propose modern, flexible solutions to adapt to each family. With a hands-on approach Georgina will be there to support and advise through the interview and early days.

A maternity nurse will provide you with routine guidance and training, suited both to your and your baby’s needs. This might typically include a good baby sleep routine, guidance on feeding, washing, dressing and bonding, organising a nursery and helping around the house with chores. She can also provide doulas and nanny consultants. Frankie Gray, Harmony at Home’s founding director, adds: ‘I am so grateful to welcome Georgina Ware to Harmony at Home as our Maternity and Consultancy Expert. I’m very passionate about newborn baby care, and it’s always been my vision to have maternity experts available to offer their guidance to parents seeking care for their newborn babies. I truly feel that Georgina’s expertise is essential to my vision, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her working with us. You can rest assured that Georgina will be able to answer any questions you have regarding newborn baby care and newborn childcare. Georgina can recommend many of the UK’s leading Maternity Practitioners, and Newborn Baby Specialists, including Norland qualified Maternity Practitioners to you, alongside virtual and in house packages to help with sleeplessness and nursery set up.’

For more information contact Georgina on 020 70604420
or email
or visit

We are currently looking for highly motivated, talented and passionate people.

We have developed a simple and successful model, to enable you to work from home, running an Employment Agency, which provides a profitable source of income and a guaranteed Harmony at Home level of childcare provision to local parents and households.

You will be sourcing candidates for our clients who are the employers. Making the right matches is very important, and so you will be a great communicator, and readily available at all times of the day.
If you think you’re like Georgina, and have got what it takes, then find out more by booking a discovery call with us today!

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