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In 2022, our franchisees discovered more people chose to keep their vehicles pristine. When you invest in your own The Wheel Specialist franchise, you’ll see this too, as customers shout about their experience to others.

Reports at the beginning of the year, have shown the sale of new cars, in 2022, was the lowest it’s ever been since 1992. This is thanks, in part, to supply-chain issues and changing mindsets thanks to the economic challenges we’ve faced as a nation. And although reports indicate a slight upturn in 2023, they predict most of us still aren’t ready to invest in a new car.

This is good news for our network, as it demonstrates what we’ve seen throughout almost 70 years in the automotive industry. People choose to invest in the vehicles they have, when times are tough; which includes improving the aesthetics of their wheels. In 2022, as a network, we saw consistent record-breaking sales as franchisees met the demand for an improved look to customers’ wheels.

Apart from improving the aesthetics of the car, alloy wheels improve the fuel efficiency of a vehicle in comparison to the old steel wheels; something people appreciate, given the current fuel wars. However, they are susceptible to increased wear and tear, which is why our customers value our services, as a means of keeping on top of the maintenance of their wheels. And with our extensive range of finishes, plus at-home care products, by investing in your own The Wheel Specialist franchise, you can achieve more than you think, this year!

Customer experience counts

What makes The Wheel Specialist different, is our attention to our customers’ experience. From the moment they view us online, and book in with us, to the moment they pick up their car, we treat them like a VIP. So, if you are dedicated to a customer-first approach, and can hire a like-minded team who we will train to do the job, your new business will become a word-of-mouth revolution.

Just check out what some of our franchisees’ customers have said recently on Trust Pilot:

  • “A speedy turn around, from The Wheel Specialist Nottingham, and so far the wheels look amazing. They’d previously been poorly refurbed by someone out of the back of a van, but now look like new with seemingly all of the original detail. Can’t fault the excellent service.” Geoff
  • “Not merely a good job of fixing my dented wheel – saving me a considerable sum against the alternative of buying a new wheel – but also polite and courteous staff.” Mr B.
  • “The booking process online was easy and I was contacted by email by the branch manager to arrange a convenient date to take my car in. He was polite, and helpful during the handover promising to ring me when the car was available for collection the following day. I thought the use of text messages to my mobile with terms and conditions was a good facility too.” Chris
  • “My whole experience ranging from initial contact, customer service experience at the point I dropped my car off, explanation of the work, pricing, quality of work and collection experience were all excellent. I shall be returning with my wife’s car in the next few weeks.” Mark
  • “Brilliant service from the Wheel Specialist Weston Super Mare. I’m restoring an MGB GT and the original Dunlop wheels needed work. Having split the alloy centre from the rim, I took the centre in for refurbishment. It was not a straightforward job as there was a lot of wear to this 50 year old piece. The result is spectacular, better than original back in the 1970s. 
    I will use these guys again, very helpful and knowledgeable.” Charles

This kind of customer experience can’t be built on anything other than someone like you investing in the delivery of an exceptional service to people who come to your business. We can teach you The Wheel Specialist’s way, but it ultimately comes down to the delivery from you and your team.

The right location matters

As you saw in the reviews above, The Wheel Specialist does not operate from the back of a van, and this matters very much to our customers. The adage, “Location! Location! Location!” doesn’t just refer to home-buying! We’re a professional business offering a professional service.

And because it was so important, last year we refurbished the feel of our Showrooms, to enhance our customers’ experience of visiting The Wheel Specialist. So, when you join the network, we’ll help you achieve our clean and welcoming look for your new business. Our experts will work with you to find the right premises, and create an inviting space for customers to visit, with a separate workshop for your staff to carry out the work.

The after-care experience matters

As any good business owner knows, creating customer loyalty is also a big part of building a successful brand. Which is why we have a unique range of additional services and products for tyres and after-care products, which complement the service you’ll offer. Further enhancing the customer experience with your The Wheel Specialist business.

And, because customers love our range, all you need to do, is make sure you have enough in stock to help them maintain the look of their wheels, for longer, at home.

Carpe diem

So, if you’re ready to seize the day, give us a call, and allow us to give you The Wheel Specialists’ VIP treatment as you look at investing in a franchise with us. Don’t wait for things to change, be the change.


The Wheel Specialist


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