Limitless! That’s the message from The Wheel Specialist following their 2022 annual conference

The Wheel Specialist

Despite two years of covid restrictions and lockdowns, figures reported by the national alloy wheel refurbishment outfit show that demand for their service has not only proved immune to covid, but demand has risen.

It’s been a record-breaking year for wheel refurbishment.

The Wheel Specialist’s Newcastle franchise turned over more than £640,000 in 2021, smashing all previous performances and seeing the northern wheel repair powerhouse taking home four separate awards.

As a network, the company enjoyed turnover surpassing £11,690,000 in 2021, up 25% on 2020.

In January this year, the latest branch opened its doors in Aylesbury. 

Franchisee Tanya Garwood, who operates the new Aylesbury branch, has proven that women are taking rank in the traditionally male-dominated automotive industry. Having been open only a few months, Tanya received praise from the Franchisor for already converting as many leads as the average franchise.

Aylesbury Candy Pink Wheels

Overall, more than 121,000 wheels were refurbished by The Wheel Specialist network last year, and they’ve refurbished over 1.05 Million in total. This incredible volume of work is shown prominently in a new video advert designed to increase public education about wheel refurbishment as a service. The online video has now received over 600,000 views on YouTube.

Scotland took home this year’s best marketing award after the Glasgow North branch racked up over 94 million video views on Facebook from their own content. Their viral social media videos were created on an iPhone at the branch showing off their wheel refurbishments. Thanks to those in-house videos from this specific franchise, they now boast more than 106,000 followers between their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Their own videos were also part of those featured in the national Business Insider and UniLad projects undertaken by The Wheel Specialist’s Head Office.

Ginny Murphy (CEO of The Wheel Specialist) said: “We’re incredibly proud of the hard work put in by our franchisees over the last year. Record-breaking is the only way I can describe it; from social media to turnover to wheels refurbished, the numbers say it all!”

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