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For some entrepreneurs, building a portfolio of businesses doesn’t always give you time to invest in the day-to-day, which is what makes The Wheel Specialist such a great option.

People have many reasons for wanting to start a business, yet with the goal of building a more secure future. So, whether you’re looking to run one company, or build up a portfolio of assets, you may be looking for something with the provable success, enabling you to grow without being so involved in the day-to-day.

At The Wheel Specialist, we have franchisees who take this approach to running their business – and they’ve not lost out by not being hands-on. They’ve provided employment, and utilised the support of Head Office to train them to become the very best they can be, for the day-to-day, leaving them to focus on strategically growing their business. With our support, whatever your goal for your business, we can help you.

Why The Wheel Specialist can start your portfolio

When you first start with business investments, you’ll be looking for opportunities with a low-level risk and high impact earnings. This is why franchising is a great way to build your portfolio.

Over the last few years, the whole network has been smashing through its financial targets, enabling our franchise partners to beat their own personal record, month-on-month. Whilst you may choose to start in a more hands-on way, with you’re the Wheel Specialist Centre, you can quickly build the right team around you, who will give you the confidence and security to trust them, so you can manage your business your way.

By putting the right people in position within your business centres are earning up to £190k profit each year (based on adjusted accounts from a high performing franchisee, rather than audited or submitted accounts). Established and driven franchisees can develop their business further by implementing our key growth and capacity drivers. You are only limited by yourself.

Something John and Lynda Welsh, co-owners of The Wheel Specialist Newcastle, have successfully achieved. They leave the day-to-day running of their centre to manager and front-of-house team, Johnny & Nicole. The result? At this year’s conference, they walked away with FIVE of our franchise awards, including Highest Total Sales.

Why The Wheel Specialist can enhance your portfolio

You’ll have a goal in mind for the kind of portfolio you’re building. Whatever your background, The Wheel Specialist will fit in nicely as a lucrative service provider within your portfolio.

Based on last year’s performance stats, we can confidently show how of the 37 key growth metrics we measure, 30 showed significant growth or improvement on previous years, including some which showed a massive 175% & 213% increase YoY.

How do we achieve this? As a whole network, we work with over 20,000 trade and public customers each year. By building relationships with local dealerships and other professional bodies, as well as connecting with individuals, your business will see a steady and consistent stream of customers using your services. Think what all of this could mean for your The Wheel Specialist business!

Why not take a closer look?

Whether this is your first venture, or one of many, The Wheel Specialist is a tidy investment. Of course, we can’t provide all the financial benefits of running a franchise with us, at this stage. However, we’d love to share more details with you, directly at our next Discovery Day.

This is your personal invitation to join us, and discover what running one of our franchises can do for your future, personally.


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