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In 1994 Chicken Cottage opened its first store in London located in Wembley, making the brands entry into the quick service restaurant market. A speciality menu based on Grilled, Fried and Halal chicken was developed and different from traditional fast foods, being the first to offer these products all in one restaurant. The products offered are fresh, flavoursome chicken options which are affordable and great value.

Chicken Cottage, wholly-owned by TI Global Holdings Ltd incorporated in Malaysia, has now paved the way for the company to firmly establish a global presence – with stores currently trading in Pakistan and Nigeria and expansion planned for India, where we are trialling a Ghost kitchen concept and Kenya with the first store opening in September. This is demonstrating the organisational strength and capability for further growth and for meeting the challenges that global expansion provides.

Chicken Cottage have been franchising since 1995 and has over 50 stores operating in the UK. Stores are predominantly based in and around London with additional stores in the North of England and Scotland. International territories include mainland Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Chicken Cottage, is proud to be recognised as a British brand and are focussed on developing their own corporate sites along with developing Franchisee growth to further penetrate in the UK. To help grow the brand further globally the brand are actively seeking opportunities to partner in selected regions leveraging the British brand heritage and Grilled, Halal, Fried product range.


Chicken Cottage provides formally assessed, modular-based training programmes covering all aspects of store management: opening and closing procedures, shift management, management checks, health & food safety and customer service to name a few. These are delivered via our online Manula operations module. Training is also provided to help support openings both in the UK and is market specific as required. All franchisees teams are required to work in a live store environment for a minimum of 2 weeks, learning cooking procedures and implementing modular training.

What will I do as a Franchisee

Moving forward Chicken Cottage have changed focus and are now seeking and recruiting multi-unit and area developer Franchisees who are experienced, ambitious investors with a strong business acumen and background in QSR franchising.

Historically a franchisee’s primary role has been to implement the franchise system taking ownership of all aspects of the business and ensuring operational aspects like staffing, stock, food hygiene, product quality and customers service are in line with brand standards. The franchisee can either take a hands-on approach or appoint a team to oversee these aspects. In addition, all back office administrative and accounting functions must also be maintained along with data sharing with the Franchisor through the approved POS and IT systems.

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Premises based

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Food & Drink

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Management Franchise




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