Chicken Cottage Steals The Spotlight in “Chicken Shop Date”

Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage has found an entertaining avenue to amplify its brand visibility through a collaboration with the popular web series, “Chicken Shop Date”. The series, hosted by Amelia Dimoldenberg, has chosen Chicken Cottage’s newly refurbished Paddington store as a backdrop for several episodes in recent months, featuring stars such as musician Shania Twain, actress Keke Palmer, and Fumez the Engineer.

“Chicken Shop Date” is well-known for its eccentric concept of hosting interviews in local chicken shops, providing a unique mix of entertainment, humour, and romance. The show has amassed a substantial fan base, with the episodes filmed at Chicken Cottage’s Paddington store gathering over 4 million views on YouTube alone.

David Elvidge, Head of Brand & Marketing at Chicken Cottage, shared his enthusiasm for the brand’s involvement in the series. “Our features on ‘Chicken Shop Date’ is a thrilling testament to the versatility of Chicken Cottage as a brand. We’re not only a favourite food spot, but also a hub for culture and conversation. Seeing our newly refurbished Paddington store on screen, playing host to such high-profile names, has been an exciting journey,” said David.

This association with “Chicken Shop Date” enhances Chicken Cottage’s footprint in the pop culture landscape, bringing its vibrant atmosphere and quality offerings to viewers across the globe. The casual, laid-back setting of Chicken Cottage serves as a charming background, fostering the series’ distinctive, unfiltered interview style.

David further added, “Chicken Cottage has always been more than just a food outlet; it’s a place for community, connection, and now, celebrity interviews! We’re delighted to contribute to the charm and hilarity of ‘Chicken Shop Date’. At the same time, the visibility it offers is unparalleled, connecting us with millions of viewers in the UK and beyond.”

Chicken Cottage’s feature on “Chicken Shop Date” further solidifies its position as a brand that transcends the typical fast-food experience. Through this partnership, the brand celebrates its central ethos of community and connection, offering more than just great food to its customers. It’s yet another demonstration of how Chicken Cottage continues to evolve, broadening its reach while staying true to its roots as a local favourite for halal-certified, delicious food. This collaboration is a testament to Chicken Cottage’s commitment to innovatively engage with its audience and enhance their customer experience, one episode at a time.


Chicken Cottage

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